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Negima!? is an anime television series created by Shaft. It's a reboot of Negima! Magister Negi Magi which tells completely different story from the original anime.

FUNimation Entertainment originally licensed and dubbed the series, but it was transferred to Sentai Filmworks following the announcement for the English dub of UQ Holder!


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Asuna Kagurazaka Akemi Kanda Luci Christian
Negi Springfield Rina Satou Greg Ayres


  • Carrie Savage replaced Jayme Westman as Satomi Hakase for unspecified reason.
  • Mary Morgan replaced Lucy Small as Madoka Kugimiya for unspecified reason.
  • Cherami Leigh replaced Dana Schultes and Jenny Phagan as Setsuna Sakurazaka and Akira Okochi respectively.
    • From Episode 24 throughout 26, Cherami Leigh also temporarily replaced Alison Viktorin as Fuka Narutaki and Fumika Narutaki, possibly due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Brittney Karbowski replaced Kate Bristol as Anya Yurievna Cocolova, despite the latter reprised her role as Sayo Aisaka.
  • J. Michael Tatum replaced Troy Baker as Nagi Springfield most likely due to scheduling conflicts.
  • R. Bruce Elliott replaced Randy Tallman as Dean Konoemon Konoe due to Tallman’s passing the previous year.

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