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Mune: Guardian of the Moon (Mune, le gardien de la lune) is a 2014 French 3D children's computer-animated adventure fantasy film directed by Benoît Philippon and Alexandre Heboyan and written by Jérôme Fansten and Benoît Philippon. Set in an imaginary world, the movie tells the adventure of a small creature (who is the guardian of the Moon) who must recover the Sun that was stolen by his fault. The film was made in computer graphics and 3D stereoscopy. The film premiered at Forum des images on 6 December 2014 and was theatrically released in France on 14 October 2015.


When an evil magma demon and his minions steals the sun of a magical world, the new guardians of both the sun and the moon must embark on a quest to retrieve it and save their world from disaster as the moon faces destruction as well.

Dubbing History

The film's English dub was originally recorded in Vancouver, Canada at Ocean Productions. When GKIDS acquired the US rights to the film in 2017, it was decided to re-dub a few voices with Celebrities to give the film more marketing value.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
International US Version
Mune.png Mune Michaël Grégorio Joshua J. Ballard
Glim.png Glim Izïa Higelin Nicole Provost
Sohone.png Sohone Omar Sy Trevor Devall Rob Lowe
Leeyoon.png Leeyoon Féodor Atkine Michael Dobson Christian Slater
Necross.png Necross Eric Herson-Macarel Davey Grant
Mox.png Mox Michel Mella Samuel Vincent Patton Oswalt
Spleen.png Spleen Fabrice Josso Brian Drummond Ed Helms
Phospho.png Phospho Patrick Poivey Davey Grant Jeff Dunham
Xolal.png Xolal Jean-Claude Donda Michael Dobson
Yule.png Yule Benoît Allemane Paul Dobson
Glim's Father.png Glim's Father Patrick Préjean Jonathan Love
Mune's Father.png Mune's Father Damien Boisseau
Krrrack.png Krrrack Patrice Dozier Rob Shields
Zucchini.png Zucchini Emmanuel Curtil Trevor Devall
Snakes.png The Snakes Paolo Domingo Paul Dobson
Spiders.png The Spiders Alexandre Heboyan

Additional Voices

  • Shannon Archie - Groupies
  • Michael Dobson - Cousin 1
  • Paul Dobson - Villager 1
  • Brian Drummond - Cousin 2
  • Davey Grant - Villager 3
  • Riley Kramer - Groupies, Villager 2
  • Sally Noble - Groupies, Villager 4


  • There is one instant in the US version where Trevor Devall's voice for Sohone can still be heard. When Sohone yells "Epic" after defeating Necross with Mune, the echo appears to be Devall's voice rather than Rob Lowe's.

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Region Country
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United States United States

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