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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常 Monster Musume no Iru Nichijō) is a 2015 anime series based on the manga series by Okayado. It aired in Japan from July 7, 2015 to September 22, 2015. A further two episodes were released with Volumes 11 and 12 of the Manga on November 11, 2016 and April 13, 2017 respectively.

The series was released in North America by Sentai Filmworks on July 25, 2017.


In a world where humans co-exist with fantasy beings, an exchange program is created to enable the mythic beings to make a place for themselves within human society. As a part of this program, the young teenager Kurusu Kimihito must share his flat with a group of mythic young ladies: the snake girl Miia, the bird girl Papi, the horse lady Centorea, and many others. It's now Kurusu's duty to watch over all these girls and see they cause no trouble - but all these girls have fallen in love with Kurusu and will do anything to be with him.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Kimihito-kurusu-41580.jpg Kimihito Kurusu Junji Majima Bryson Baugus
Miia-monster-musume-3.19.jpg Miia Sora Amamiya Allison Sumrall
Papi anime.jpg Papi Ari Ozawa Brittney Karbowski
Centorea anime.jpg Centorea Shianus Natsuki Aikawa Molly Searcy
Suu anime.jpg Suu Mayuka Nomura Monica Rial
IMG 20170919 152705.jpg Meroune Lorelei Haruka Yamazaki Maggie Flecknoe
Rachne anime.jpg Rachnera Arachnera Sakura Nakamura Courtney Lomelo
Lala-monster-musume-60980.jpg Lala Ai Kakuma Carli Mosier
Secondary Characters
Sumike smith.jpg Sumike Smith Yū Kobayashi Shelley Calene-Black
52519.jpg Zombina Rei Mochizuki Kira Vincent-Davis
Monmusu Manak.jpg Manako Momo Asakura Jad Saxton
Tionishia-50483.jpg Tionishia Yurika Kubo Christina Stroup
Doppel-50413.jpg Doppel Saori Ōnishi Emily Neves
347744.jpg Kii Asami Setō Tiffany Terrell
Draco Monmusu.jpg Draco / Dracosa Airi Ōtsu Rachel Landon
Ff0.jpg Lilith Atsumi Tanezaki Hilary Haag
IMG 20171230 002423.jpg Ren Kunanzuki Akane Fujita Juliet Simmons
IMG 20171230 002401.jpg Polt Shiina Natsukawa Christina Kelly

Additional Voices

  • Katelyn Barr
  • Alexandra Bedford
  • Mike Boike
  • Ricardo Contreras
  • Greg Cote
  • Steve Fenley
  • Ned Gayle
  • Chris Hutchison
  • Rachel Landon
  • Andrew Love
  • Annie Mai
  • Joel McCray
  • Carolyn Medrano
  • Shannon Reed
  • John Swasey

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Content Region Country
Sentai Filmworks 2017 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
United States United States
4 Discs
BD The Complete Series A
3 Discs

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