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Monkey (西遊記 Saiyūki) is a 1978-1980 Japanese TV show based on Journey to the West. The English version of the series, dubbed in the early 80s and broadcast on the BBC, became a cult hit due to the humorous dub scripts and acting.

In 2004, when the series was released on DVD, 13 episodes that had not originally been dubbed were finally translated, using as much of the original cast as possible.


Character Actor Dub Actor
Monkey Masaaki Sakai David Collings
Tripitaka Masako Natsume Maria Warburg
Pigsy Toshiyuki Nishida Peter Woodthorpe
Sandy Shiro Kishibe Gareth Armstrong
Horse Shunji Fujimura Andrew Sachs
Buddha Mieko Takamine Cecile Chevreau
Narrator ? Frank Duncan

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