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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz (新機動戦記ガンダムW: ENDLESS WALTZ Shin Kidō Senki Gandamu Uingu: Endoresu Warutsu) is a 3-episode OVA series and sequel to the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing TV series. Both the OVA and anime series are set in the "After Colony" universe, an alternate continuity to the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. Apart from being a continuation of Gundam Wing, it reveals details about the past of the five Gundam pilots and the real objective behind their "Operation Meteor". Endless Waltz was later re-released as a compilation movie, featuring additional scenes and an altered music score.


After Colony 196 - One year has passed since the war between Earth and its colonies ended. Heero, Duo, Trowa and Quatre bid farewell to their Gundams and jettison them to the sun. Relena Darlian is now the deputy minister of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation. But as the Gundam pilots are adjusting to the peace on Earth, Relena is kidnapped and a new threat appears, led by Marimeia Khushrenada - daughter of the late dictator Treize Khushrenada and heir to the Barton Foundation. To make matters more complicated, Gundam Nataku pilot Wufei has sided with this faction. The Gundam pilots must recover their mobile suits and once again engage in battle before Marimeia's forces succeed on their bid for global domination.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Heero Yuy (Endless Waltz).jpg Heero Yuy Hikaru Midorikawa Mark Hildreth
Relena Darlian (Endless Waltz).jpg Relena Darlian /
Relena Peacecraft
Akiko Yajima Lisa Ann Beley
Duo Maxwell (Endless Waltz).jpg Duo Maxwell Toshihiko Seki Scott McNeil
Trowa Barton (Endless Waltz).jpg Trowa Barton Shigeru Nakahara Kirby Morrow
Quatre Raberba Winner (Endless Waltz).jpg Quatre Raberba Winner Ai Orikasa Brad Swaile
Chang Wufei (Endless Waltz).jpg Chang Wufei Ryūzō Ishino Ted Cole
Mariemaia Khushrenada (Endless Waltz).jpg Mariemaia Khushrenada Rei Sakuma Maggie Blue O'Hara
Dekim Barton (Endless Waltz).jpg Dekim Barton Eisuke Yoda Michael Dobson
Zechs Merquise (Endless Waltz).jpg Zechs Merquise /
Milliardo Peacecraft /
Preventer Wind
Takehito Koyasu Brian Drummond
Lucrezia Noin (Endless Waltz).jpg Lucrezia Noin /
Preventer Fire
Chisa Yokoyama Saffron Henderson
Sally Po (Endless Waltz).jpg Sally Po /
Preventer Water
Yumi Tōma Samantha Ferris
Lady Une (Endless Waltz).jpg Lady Une /
Preventer Gold
Sayuri Yamauchi Enuka Okuma
Catherine Bloom (Endless Waltz).jpg Catherine Bloom Saori Suzuki Cathy Weseluck
Dorothy Catalonia (Endless Waltz).jpg Dorothy Catalonia Naoko Matsui
Gundam Wing Rashid Kurama.png Rashid Kurama Kazuhiro Nakata Paul Dobson
Auda (Endless Waltz).jpg Atta Daiki Nakamura Michael Dobson
Ahmad (Endless Waltz).jpg Ahmad Isshin Chiba ¿?
Abdul (Endless Waltz).jpg Abdul Toshiyuki Morikawa Ward Perry
Trowa Barton (Real) (Endless Waltz).jpg Trowa Barton (Real) Hidetoshi Nakamura ¿?
Jay Null (Endless Waltz).jpg Doctor J /
Jay Null
Minoru Inaba Ward Perry
Professor G (Endless Waltz).jpg Professor G Yuzuru Fujimoto Brian Drummond
Doktor S (Endless Waltz).jpg Doktor S Shinya Ōtaki David MacKay
Instructor H (Endless Waltz).jpg Instructor H Takashi Taguchi
Title (Endless Waltz).jpg Narration Akio Ōtsuka Campbell Lane

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Date(s) Channel Country
2000 YTV Canada Canada
2000-2002 Cartoon Network
United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Bandai Entertainment 2001 DVD.jpg OVA and Movie editions 1
United States United States
1 Volume
2005 OVA and Movie editions
1 Volume
Nozomi Entertainment 2017 BD OVA and Movie editions A
1 Volume

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