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Mobile Suit Gundam (機動戦士ガンダム Kidō Senshi Gandamu) is a mecha anime series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yatate, and the first of the Gundam franchise. It originally aired in Japan from April 7, 1979 to January 26, 1980 on the Nagoya Broadcasting Network.


In the year Universial Century 0079, humanity lives in space colonies called Sides. Side 3, the Principality of Zeon, has declared war on the Earth Federation. After the intial fighting, an 8-month stalemate occured. However that stalemate breaks when Amuro Ray stumbles into the Gundam, the Earth Federation's secret weapon. Now Amuro and the crew of White Base must stand up to Zeon in order to end the war.

Dubbing History

The series was dubbed in the early 2000s by Ocean Productions for Bandai Entertainment, following the success of their dub of Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network's Toonami block. At the request of director Yoshiyuki Tomino, Episode 15 was not dubbed due to him feeling the episode was not up to par.

The series premiered on the Toonami block on July 23, 2001. Though the series was not as successful in the U.S. as Wing, the ratings were high enough for the whole series to be aired and to spawn an enormous toy line. Due to the September 11th attacks, Cartoon Network, like many other American TV stations, began pulling, and editing, war-themed content and violent programming, resulting in the cancellation of the series. However, the series finale was shown as part of Toonami's "New Year's Eve-il" special on December 31, 2001 and the unaired episodes were aired in reruns during 2002.

On Saturday, June 8, 2002, the series was given another chance by Cartoon Network on their late-night Adult Swim block, but it was again pulled before completing its run because of low ratings.


Image Character Seiyū Voice Actor
Mobile Suit Gundam Amuro Ray.jpg Amuro Ray Tōru Furuya Brad Swaile
Mobile Suit Gundam Char Aznable.png Char Aznable Shūichi Ikeda Michael Kopsa
Mobile Suit Gundam Bright Noa.png Bright Noa Hirotaka Suzuoki Chris Kalhoon
Mobile Suit Gundam Mirai Yashima.png Mirai Yashima Fuyumi Shiraishi Cathy Weseluck
Mobile Suit Gundam Sayla Mass.png Sayla Mass Yō Inoue Alaina Burnett
Mobile Suit Gundam Fraw Bow.png Fraw Bow Rumiko Ukai Kristie Marsden
Mobile Suit Gundam Kai Shiden.png Kai Shiden Toshio Furukawa Richard Ian Cox
Mobile Suit Gundam Hayato Kobayashi.png Hayato Kobayashi Kiyonobu Suzuki Matt Smith
Mobile Suit Gundam Ryu Jose.png Ryu Jose Shōzō Iizuka Ward Perry
Mobile Suit Gundam Lalah Sune.png Lalah Sune Keiko Han Willow Johnson
Mobile Suit Gundam Gihren Zabi.png Gihren Zabi Banjō Ginga Hiro Kanagawa
Mobile Suit Gundam Garma Zabi.png Garma Zabi Katsuji Mori Brian Dobson
Mobile Suit Gundam Kycilia Zabi.png Kycilia Zabi Mami Koyama Michelle Porter
Mobile Suit Gundam Dozle Zabi.png Dozle Zabi Daisuke Gōri French Tickner
Mobile Suit Gundam Degwin Zabi.png Degwin Sodo Zabi Ichirō Nagai Eric Schneider
Mobile Suit Gundam Ramba Ral.png Ramba Ral Masashi Hirose John Payne
Mobile Suit Gundam Crowley Hamon.png Crowley Hamon Yumi Nakatani Lenore Zann
Mobile Suit Gundam Reed.jpg Teniente Reed Tesshō Genda Scott McNeil
Mobile Suit Gundam Johann Ibrahim Revil.png Johann Ibrahim Revil Masaru Ikeda Michael Dobson
Mobile Suit Gundam Captain M'Quve.png Captain M’Quve Kaneto Shiozawa Michael Benyaer
Mobile Suit Gundam Matilda Ajan.png Matilda Ajan Keiko Toda Sylvia Zaradic
Mobile Suit Gundam Sleggar Law.png Sleggar Law Tesshō Genda Bill Mondy
Narration Ichirō Nagai Ross Douglas

Additional Voices


  • Prior to the proper dub of the TV series, the compilation films of the series were dubbed by Fidelity Studio in 1998 with a Los Angeles-based cast.


Date(s) Channel Country
2001-2002 Cartoon Network
United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Bandai Entertainment 2001-2002 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
United States United States
10 Volumes
2011 The Complete Series
2 Volumes
Nozomi Entertainment 2015 BD The Complete Series A
2 Volumes


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