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Mirmo Zibang! (Wagamama Fearī Mirumo de Pon!) is a Japanese anime series based on the manga series by Hiromu Shinozuka. Produced by Studio Hibari, the show ran for 172 episodes between April 2002 and September 2005 on TV Tokyo in Japan.

Dubbing History

An English dub was produced in Singapore at Voiceovers Unlimited for MediaLink, who represents the series in Asia (outside Japan). In the dub, Kaede's name was changed to "Katie" and Setsu's name to "Dylan". This dub began airing in Singapore on Kids Central on Okto in 2004 and later on Cartoon Network Philippines. This dub would only cover the first season.

A later dub of the second season was produced sometime after production ceased on the original dub, and was first released on VCD in 2007, and later aired on Kids Central in 2011. This dub was recorded in Hong Kong and did not carry over the name changes of the Singaporean dub. Not much is known about this dub; it was possibly an alternate dub done for Animax Asia, though a dub of the first season with this cast is not known to exist.


Season One Singapore

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Kaede Minami WFMDP.png Kaede Minami / Katie Mai Nakahara Natasha Malinsky
Mirmo WFMDP.png Mirmo Etsuko Kozakura Emlyn Morinelli
Setsu Yūki WFMDP.png Setsu Yūki / Dylan Yukitoshi Tokumoto Dwayne Tan
Rirumu WFMDP.png Rirumu Mayuko Omimura Chio Su-Ping
Azumi Hidaka WFMDP.png Azumi Hidaka Hitomi Cindy Creekmore
Yashichi WFMDP.png Yashichi Yukiji Brian Zimmerman
Kaoru Matsutake WFMDP.png Kaoru Matsutake / Kyle Sōichirō Hoshi Chuck Powers
Murumo WFMDP.png Murumo Rie Kugimiya Natasha Malinsky
Sazo WFMDP.png Sasuke Motoko Kumai Dwayne Tan
Marumo WFMDP.png King Marumo Hiroshi Naka Brian Zimmerman
Queen Sara Izumi Kikuchi Natasha Malinsky
Ichirō WFMDP.png Ichiro Kentarō Itō Chuck Powers
Jiro Ikumi Sugiyama Dwayne Tan
Shiro Masashi Ogawa
Peter Kumiko Higa
Etsumi Kido WFMDP.png Etsumi Kido Cindy Creekmore
Gavin WFMDP.png Gavin Masako Jō

Season Two Hong Kong

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Mirmo WFMDP.png Mirmo Etsuko Kozakura Kathryn Ryan
Yashichi WFMDP.png Yashichi Yukiji Michael C. Pizzuto
Jiro Ikumi Sugiyama
Incho Mitsuo Iwata


  • Evidently another dub (most likely a test dub) was done in Vancouver, as Trevor Devall lists the series on his resume where he voiced Saburo and Daijin.[1]


Date(s) Channel Country
2004-2011 Okto Singapore Singapore
Cartoon Network The Philippines Philippines


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