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Miraculous World is a series of five special TV movies based on the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir by Thomas Astruc.

Miraculous World: New York, United Heroez premiered on Disney Channel USA on September 25th, 2020 at 8PM (ET/PT). Miraculous World: Shanghai, The Legend Of Ladydrgaon aired on the network on May 28th, 2021. The Brazil, London, & Africa Specials will air on Disney Channel throughout the years of 2022 & 2023. All of the specials will stream on Disney+.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor Episode
CharaImage Ladybug.png
Marinette Dupain-Cheng / Ladybug Anouck Hautbois Cristina Valenzuela 1-2
CharaImage Adrien Agreste.png
CharaImage Cat Noir.png
Adrien Agreste / Cat Nior Benjamin Bollen Bryce Papenbrook 1-2
Tikki.png Tikki Marie Nonenmacher Mela Lee 1-2
Plagg.png Plagg Thierry Kazazian Max Mittelman 1-2
CharaImage GabrielAgreste.png
Gabriel Agreste / Hawk Moth Antoine Tomé Keith Silverstein 1-2
Jessica Keynes Square.png Jessica Keynes / Sparrow / Eagle Céline Melloul Jaimi Gray 1
Sparrow Square.png Alan Aubert-Carlin Scott Whyte
Eagle Square.png Céline Melloul Jaimi Gray
Aeon Square.png
Uncanny Valley Square.png
Aeon / Uncanny Valley Fily Keita Kimberly Woods 1
CharaImage AlyaCésaire.png Alya Césaire Fanny Bloc Carrie Keranen 1-
Nino.png Nino Lahiffe Alexandre N'guyen Zeno Robinson 1-
CharaImage ChloéBourgeois.png Chloé Bourgeois Marie Chevalot Selah Victor 1-
CharaImage Nathalie Sancoeur.png Nathalie Sancoeur Marie Diot Sabrina Weisz 1-2
Olympia Hill Square.png
Majestia Square.png
Olympia Hill / Majestia Nathalie Bienaimé Anairis Quiñones 1
Barbara Keynes Square.png Barbara Keynes / Knightowl Pauline Moingeon 1
Knightowl Square.png Mario Bastelica Imari Williams
Dean Gate Square.png
Doorman – Superhero Square.png
Dean Gate / Doorman Jean-Yves Brignon Alejandro Saab 1
Techno-Pirate Square.png
Techlonizer Square.png
Miraclonizer Square.png
Mike Rochip / Techno-Pirate / Techlonizer / Miraclonizer Asto Montcho Kellen Goff 1
Liiri Square.png Liiri ¿? Cedric Williams 1
Hot Dog Dan Square.png Hot Dog Dan ¿? Kellen Goff 1
Camilla Hombee Square.png
Victory Square.png
Camilla Hombee / Victory ¿? Laura Stahl 1
CharaImage Rose.png Rose Lavillant Jessie Lambotte Reba Buhr 1-
CharaImage Alix Kubdel.png Alix Kubdel Jessica Barrier Kira Buckland 1-
CharaImage Ivan.png Iván Bruel Franck Tordjman Max Mittelman 1-
CharaImage Sabrina.png Sabrina Raincomprix Marie Nonenmacher Cassandra Lee Morris 1-
CharaImage Kagami.png Kagami Tsurugi Clara Soares Faye Mata 1-
CharaImage Lila.png Lila Rossi Lisa Kay Jennings 1-
CharaImage Luka Couffaine.png Luka Couffaine Maxime Baudouin Andrew Russell 1-
CharaImage Kim.png Kim Chiến Lê Alexandre N'guyen Grant George 1-
CharaImage Mr. Damocles.png Mr. Damocles Gilbert Lévy John C. Hyke 1-
CharaImage Ms. Mendeleiev.png Ms. Mendeleiev Marie Diot Philece Sampler 1-
CharaImage Caline Bustier.png Caline Bustier Jessie Lambotte Dorothy Elias-Fahn 1-
CharaImage Xavier Ramier.jpeg Mr. Pidgeon Franck Tordjman Todd Haberkorn 1
Clara Contard Square.png Clara Contard Clara Soares Kelly Baskin 1-
CharaImage Nadja Chamack.png Nadja Chamack Jessie Lambotte Sabrina Weisz 1-
Unnamed Guardian Square.png Monk ¿? Grant George 1
Fei Wu Square.png Fei Wu/Renren Geneviève Doang Xanthe Huynh 2
Long Long Square.png Long Long Martial Le Minoux Christopher Corey Smith 2
Tang Tang Square.png Tang Tang Fily Keita Mela Lee 2
She She Square.png She She Marie Chevalot Carrie Keranen 2
Hou Hou Square.png Hou Hou Jérémy Prévost Brook Chalmers 2
Xiong Xiong Square.png Xiong Xiong Jessie Lambotte Sabrina Weisz 2
CharaImage Wang Cheng.png Wang Cheng Philippe Roullier Todd Haberkorn 2
CharaImage Bastille.png Bastille Jérémy Prévost Brook Chalmers 2
CharaImage Cash.png Cash / Cash King Fabrice Lelyon Caleb Yen 2
CharaImage Chung.png Chung Anatole Yun Aleks Le 2
CharaImage Gorila.png Gorilla Martial Le Minoux Ezra Weisz 2
CharaImage Wu Shifu.png Wu Shifu Jérémy Prévost Aleks Le 2
CharaImage Tom Dupain.png Tom Dupain Martial Le Minoux Christopher Corey Smith 2-
CharaImage Sabine Cheng.png Sabine Cheng Jessie Lambotte Philece Sampler 2-
CharaImage Mei Shi.png Mei Shi/Yan Woshi Nicolas Justamon Mark T. Chen 2
CharaImage Nooroo.png Nooroo Martial Le Minoux Benjamin Diskin 2-

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