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Mike Reynolds (born November 11, 1929) is a retired American voice actor and writer.


Reynolds has been a voice actor in cartoon and anime movies since the 1970s, and has also been a screen actor in movies. Prior to his professional voice acting career, he had done voice work on various Radio dramas as a child, and was a merchant seaman for several years after graduating High school.

He provided his voice in the Power Rangers franchise until 2002. Two of his best-known roles are the voice of General Ivar in VR Troopers and Captain Mutiny in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. Reynolds has also made a couple of appearances on Larry David's show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Reynolds retired in 2004, with his last dubbing appearance being in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, though occasionally appears at the odd convention (one of which where he cited his reason for retiring "As a famous comic book character once said I'm going too old for this kind of shit.") He also made a short return in Anime Midstream's dub of Raijin-Oh in 2009.


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  • A Child Called Jesus (1987) - Alexandrian Merchant (ep. 1), Caravan Member 1 (ep. 2), Wedding Guest 4 (ep. 2)

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  • Has been a saloon piano player for the past 50 years.

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