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Michelle Marie (born March 22) is a bilingual voice actress, singer, and lyricist originally hailing from Oregon, but now resides in Los Angeles.


After watching her very first musical at the age of six, Michelle was inspired to pursue acting and went on to participate in community theater and musicals throughout her childhood. This love of acting eventually expanded to include voice over as well, when she discovered indie projects being made online. Around the same time, she also discovered Japanese music and after graduating high school, she lived in Japan as an exchange student for two years. Michelle continued acting as a hobby, but then decided to pursue the voice over field professionally in 2016.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2018, and since then, has worked on anime, video games, and original animation, lending her voice to such roles as My Melody in Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures, Niffty in Hazbin Hotel, Leaf in Pokémon Masters, Millium Orion in Trails of Cold Steel III & IV, and Bieko in Disgaea 6.


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