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Megalo Box 2: Nomad is a 2021 anime that serves as a sequel to Megalo Box. It premiered in Japan on April 4, 2021. FUNimation Entertainment is producing an English dub of the series, which premiered on the FunimationNow streaming service on June 6, 2021.


In the end, “Gearless” Joe was the one that reigned as the champion of Megalonia, a first ever Megalobox tournament. Fans everywhere were mesmerized by the meteoric rise of Joe who sprung out from the deepest underground ring to the top in mere three months and without the use of gear. Seven years later, “Gearless” Joe was once again fighting in underground matches. Adorned with scars and once again donning his gear, but now known only as Nomad…


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Joe (MB).pngJoe (Gear) (MB).png Joe "Junk Dog" /

Gearless Joe

Yoshimasa Hosoya Kaiji Tang
Gansaku Nanbu (MB).png Gansaku Nanbu Shirō Saitō Jason Marnocha
Yūri (MB).pngYūri (Gear) (MB).png Yūri Hiroki Yasumoto Lex Lang
Sachio Michiyo Murase Clifford Chapin
Sachio (MB).png Erica Mendez (young)
Secondary Characters
Fujimaki (MB).png Fujimaki Hiroyuki Kinoshita Jamieson Price
Tatsumi Leonard Aragaki (MB).pngTatsumi Leonard Aragaki (Gear) (MB).png Tatsumi Leonard Aragaki Makoto Tamura Greg Chun
Chief Mio Tanaka Christopher Guerrero
Mikio Shirato (MB).pngMikio Shirato (Gear) (MB).png Mikio Shirato Tatsuhisa Suzuki Robbie Daymond
Abuhachi MB.jpg Abuhachi Mutsumi Sasaki Kirk Thornton
Mio Yumi Hino Kevin Thelwell
Mara TBA Jalitza Delgado
Bertie Ryō Nishitani Caleb Yen
Masuda Riki Kagami Grant Paulsen
Recurring Characters
Santa Noriaki Kanze Josh Grelle
Santa-megalo-box.jpg Momoko Taneichi
Morgan Berry
Oicho Mitsuho Kanbe Michelle Ruff
Oicho-Megalo.jpg Ami Naitō
Bonjiri Fukushi Ochiai Dallas Reid
Bonjiri-Megalo box.jpg Reimi (young) Laila Berzins (young)
Domoto-Megalo.jpg Domoto Jin Urayama TBA
Asamoto MegaloBox.jpg Asamoto Akari Higuchi Allegra Clark

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode
Cannonball Maruyama Michitake Kikuchi Kim Morton 3

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