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Maya the Bee (みつばちマーヤの冒険 Mitsubachi Māya no Bōken, lit. The Adventures of Maya the Honey Bee) is a Japanese anime series co-produced by Nippon Animation, the German Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) and Austrian Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF), based on a children's novel published in 1912 by German writer Waldemar Bonsels.

The series consists of 52 episodes, and was first broadcast in Japan from April 1, 1975 to April 20, 1976 on TV Asahi. A sequel series of 52 episodes titled The New Adventures of Maya the Honey Bee (新みつばちマーヤの冒険 Shin Mitsubachi Māya no Bōken) was broadcast from October 12, 1982 to September 27, 1983 (though it had been broadcast earlier in Germany). The music of the series was composed by the Czech Karel Svoboda.


Maya is a very curious little bee that has, since childhood, had great interest in getting out of the honeycomb and knowing the outside world. Not accepting that her companions only dedicate themselves to making honey, she embarks on unforgettable adventures with her inseparable friend Willy. Each chapter is full of lessons about friendship, justice and issues about nature and the various animals that live there. Also noteworthy in the series are the grasshopper Flip with his wise advice, the spider Techra with his detuned violin, Miss Cassandra with her teachings and many other unforgettable characters.

Dubbing History


Maya the Bee - Opening Titles

Opening to the Original Dub


Maya the Bee (1982) Cartoon English Nick Jr. Intro Opening Theme

Opening to Saban's dub

The original series, The Adventures of Maya the Honey Bee, was originally dubbed in the 1980s by Sonovision for the South African Broadcasting Corporation.[1][2] This dub was more closely based on the German version, even titling the series as Maja the Bee in some prints, and features an unknown cast with upper-class English South African accents for the characters. This version of the series was also shown in Australia, and is viewable on the official Maya the Bee YouTube channel, and has been released for Digital Download.

Yet another dub was produced by Saban Entertainment with a Canadian voice cast from Montreal, and aired from January 1, 1990 to December 31, 1992 on Nickelodeon in the United States, and from 1990 to 1993 on Family Channel and 1992 to 1998 on YTV in Canada. As typical for a Saban dub, a new music score and theme song for the anime was composed. 65 episodes from both the original series and the sequel series were dubbed.[3]


Character Seiyū Saban Dub South African Dub
Season One Season Two
Maya Michiko Nomura Runa Akiyama Pauline Little Linda Stewart[4]
Willy Masako Nozawa Richard Dumont
Flip Ichirō Nagai Ritsuo Sawa A.J. Henderson
Grimelda Terue Nunami Noriko Uemura Anna MacCormack
Miss Cassandra Miyoko Asō Reiko Yamada Jane Woods
Alexander N/A Keiko Toda Arthur Holden
Pete Kōsei Tomita Kumiko Mizukura ?
Ant General Ichirō Nagai Hozumi Gōda Arthur Grosser
Kurt Sanji Hase Hideki Fukushi Michael Rudder
Sidney Keaton Yamada Kōzō Shioya Rick Jones
Madame Butterfly Carolyn Steyn[4]

Episodic Characters

Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode
Ike Nose-Needle Kōji Yada Arthur Holden Alf the Elf
Alf the Elf Yoshiko Matsuo Rob Roy
Cindy Ayumi Tokita ?
Tim Eishō Itō Bronwen Mantel
Boys Masaaki Waguri
Manabu Tezuka
Liz MacRae
Uncle Stanislas Yūji Fujishiro ? Home Sweet Home
Mr. Waterbeetle Toshiro Ishii Rick Jones
Mr. Ladybug Yasushi Ōhama ?
Mrs. Ladybug Seiko Nakano ?

Additional Voices


Date(s) Channel Dub Country
¿? SABC Sonovision South Africa South Africa
1984-91 Network 10 Australia Australia
1983-84 CBC Canada Canada


1990-93 Family Channel
1990-92 Nickelodeon United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Video Treasures 1989-1992 VHS.jpg 9 Episodes NTSC United States United States
3 Volumes


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