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Masako Katsuki (勝生 真沙子 Katsuki Masako, born October 15, 1958) is a Japanese voice actress and narrator formerly affiliated with Theater Echo and now with 81 Produce.

Her real name is Masako Shino (塩野 雅子). Some of her best-known roles include Mary Von Trapp in Trapp Family Story, Reccoa Londe in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Maya Kitajima in Glass Mask, Masuyo Ikari in High School! Kimengumi, Michiru Kaioh / Sailor Neptune in Sailor Moon, and Tsunade in Naruto and Naruto Shippūden.

Dub Actors

Actor No. of Roles Country
Lauren Landa 4 United States
Wendee Lee 4 United States
Debi Mae West 4 United States
Barbara Radecki 3 Canada
Laura Bailey 2 United States
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn 2 United States
Emlyn Morinelli 2 United States
Allyson June Smith 2 Canada
Meredith Taylor-Parry 2 Canada
Andi Whaley 2 United States
Virginie Aussedat 1 Japan
Kathleen Barr 1 Canada
Catherine Battistone 1 United States
Sharon Becker 1 United States
Catrin Lloyd Bollard 1 United States
Luci Christian 1 United States
Erin Cottrell 1 United States
Cynthia Cranz 1 United States
Pam Dougherty 1 United States
Dorothy Elias-Fahn 1 United States
Simone Grant 1 United States
Clarine Harp 1 United States
Lana Harwood 1 Canada
Megan Hollingshead 1 United States
Janyse Jaud 1 Canada
Mikaela Krantz 1 United States
Shelley Lefler 1 Canada
Rachael Lillis 1 United States
Lalainia Lindbjerg 1 Canada
Tamara Burnham Mercer 1 United States
Pamela Merrick 1 United Kingdom
Jillian Michaels 1 Canada
Edie Mirman 1 United States
Larissa Murray 1 United Kingdom
Matty O'Shea 1 United States
Nicole Oliver 1 Canada
Jane Perry 1 Canada
Tricia Pierce 1 United States
Denise Poirier 1 United States
Kirsten Potter 1 United States
Marcy Rae 1 United States
Liza Ross 1 United Kingdom
Tara Sands 1 United States
Erica Schroeder 1 United States
Laura Scott 1 United States
Melodee Spevack 1 United States
Riva Spier 1 United States
Carol Stanzione 1 United States
Ellyn Stern 1 United States
Julie Ann Taylor 1 United States
Veronica Taylor 1 United States
LaTeace Towns-Cuellar 1 United States
Cathy Weseluck 1 Canada
Gwendoline Yeo 1 United States
Sylvia Zaradic 1 Canada


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1984-1987 Jennifer (eps. 18-20) Fist of the North Star Carol Stanzione United States
1985-1986 Reccoa Londe Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Meredith Taylor-Parry Canada
1986-1989 Melee (ep. 81) Dragon Ball Cynthia Cranz United States
Allyson June Smith Canada
1987-1989 Hannah (ep. 27) Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics ¿? United States
1988 Deunan Knute Appleseed Larissa Murray United Kingdom
1988-1994 Kimie Hanada Crying Freeman Liza Ross United Kingdom
Catherine Battistone United States
1988-1989 Kayuura Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers Jane Perry Canada
1989-1991 Tiala Dragon Quest Shelley Lefler Canada
1989-1990 Queen Conga The New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion Janyse Jaud Canada
1989-1990 Tamaki Fuwa Patlabor: The Mobile Police Tara Sands United States
1989-1992 Yang Gui Fei (ep. 46) Ranma ½ Cathy Weseluck Canada
Miyo (ep. 57) Nicole Oliver
1991-1995 Farangis The Heroic Legend of Arslan Pamela Merrick
(eps. 1-4)
United Kingdom
Simone Grant
(eps. 5-6)
United States
1991 Jane Flower The Space Adventure Edie Mirman United States
1992-1993 Silver Maiden (ep. 3) Green Legend Ran Kathleen Barr Canada
1993 King Art of Fighting Sharon Becker United States
1993 Zakuro Ninja Scroll Riva Spier United States
1993-1996 Natsume (eps. 5-6) Ranma ½ (OVAs) Lalainia Lindbjerg Canada
1994-1995 Sae (ep. 2) Ogre Slayer Jillian Michaels Canada
1994-1995 Michiru Kaioh /
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Moon S Barbara Radecki Canada
Lauren Landa United States
1994 Sailor Moon S: Hearts in Ice Barbara Radecki Canada
Lauren Landa United States
1995-1996 Sailor Moon SuperS Barbara Radecki Canada
Lauren Landa United States
1996 Chiaki Kurata Battle Team Lakers EX Tamara Burnham Mercer United States
1996 Ruby Burn-Up Marcy Rae United States
Akemi Miyano (ep. 13) Detective Conan Clarine Harp United States
1996-1997 Princess Oto Dragon Ball GT Lana Harwood Canada
Laura Bailey United States
1996-1997 Michiru Kaioh /
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Lauren Landa United States
1997-2002 Yamato Pokémon Megan Hollingshead United States
1997 Alya Wild Cardz Matty O'Shea United States
1998 Joanna Hardy / Queen Bee Golgo 13: Queen Bee Denise Poirier United States
1998 Witch (ep. 11) Nightwalker: Midnight Detective Mary Elizabeth McGlynn United States
1998-2003 Yamato Pokémon Chronicles Andi Whaley United States
1999 Emeraldas Harlock Saga Veronica Taylor United States
2000-2004 Water Goddess (ep. 27) InuYasha Sylvia Zaradic Canada
2000 Kait Palmer Sin: The Movie LaTeace Towns-Cuellar United States
2000 Levian Strange Dawn Virginie Aussedat Tokyo, Japan
2001-2002 Pajiramon (ep. 17) Digimon Tamers Mary Elizabeth McGlynn United States
2001 Borne Noir Laura Scott United States
2001-2002 Zria Gagarik Shaman King Rachael Lillis United States
2002-2007 Tsunade Naruto Debi Mae West United States
2002-2006 Yamato Pokémon Advanced Generation Andi Whaley
(ep. 132)
United States
Emlyn Morinelli
(ep. 176)
Tsukiko (eps. 77-78) Erica Schroeder
2002-2003 Haku Sanshi The Twelve Kingdoms Julie Ann Taylor United States
2003 Misako Sakakibara Hoop Days Allyson June Smith Canada
2003 Ubume Ninja Scroll: The Series Gwendoline Yeo United States
2004-2012 Yoshino Soma Bleach Dorothy Elias-Fahn United States
Ran'Tao Kirsten Potter
2004 Tsunade Naruto: Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival! Debi Mae West United States
2004-2005 Hotaru (ep. 2) Samurai Champloo Wendee Lee United States
2005-2006 Kiishimu Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Luci Christian United States
2006-2007 Kallen's Stepmother (ep. 9) Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Laura Bailey United States
2006-2008 Klaud Nine D.Gray-man Mikaela Krantz United States
2006-2007 Toyokawa Ghost Slayers Ayashi Wendee Lee United States
2006-2008 Shion Kekkaishi Tricia Pierce United States
2006-2007 Yamato Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Emlyn Morinelli United States
2007 Reccoa Londe Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Meredith Taylor-Parry Canada
2007 Toyokawa Ghost Slayer Ayashi: Ayashi Divine Comedy Wendee Lee United States
2007 Okami (ep. 6) Gurren Lagann Melodee Spevack United States
2007 Tsunade Naruto The Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom Debi Mae West United States
2007-2017 Naruto Shippūden United States
2010 Fat Ghost (ep. 4A) Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Pam Dougherty United States
2013-2016 Gojika Pokémon XY Catrin Lloyd Bollard United States
2015-2016 Avogadro (ep. 16) Lupin the 3rd Part IV Ellyn Stern United States
2016 Louise Mulligan Detective Pikachu Wendee Lee United States
2020 Scarlet Final Fantasy VII Remake Erin Cottrell United States