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Mariko Kōda (國府田 マリ子, Kōda Mariko, born September 5, 1969 in Miyashiro, Saitama Prefecture) is a Japanese actress, voice actress, J-Pop singer and radio personality. She graduated from Kasukabe Kyōei High School and went on to major in Communications at Tamagawa University in Machida City, Tokyo, graduating in 1990. Kouda has had at least one song appear on the program Minna no Uta.

She was a member of the J-pop voice acting group, Drops, until they disbanded. They were most well known for singing the ending theme to the anime Doki Doki School Hours although they did perform a couple of concerts one of which was released on DVD.

She works for the talent management firm Aoni Production. Her most notable roles include Okinu from Ghost Sweeper Mikami, Miki Koishikawa from Marmalade Boy and Shaorin from Mamotte Shugogetten.

Dub Actors[]

Actor No. of Titles Country
Michelle Ruff 3 United States
Kate Higgins 2 United States
Kerry Williams 2 United States
Missy Atwood 1 United States
Maggie Blue O'Hara 1 Canada
Jessica Boone 1 United States
Cindy Robinson 1 United States
Jessica Calvello 1 United States
Meredith J. Dahl 1 United States
Betty Gustafson 1 United States
Mikaela Krantz 1 United States
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn 1 United States
Debora Rabbai 1 United States
Tara Sands 1 United States
Carrie Savage 1 United States
Jennifer Seman 1 United States
Tara Strong 1 United States
Chio Su-Ping 1 Singapore
Amy Tipton 1 United States
Kari Wahlgren 1 United States
Lauren Worsham 1 United States


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1992-1993 Dorothy The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz Betty Gustafson United States
1994 Okinu Ghost Sweeper Mikami Debora Rabbai
1994 Hoshimi MAPS Missy Atwood
1994-1995 Miki Koishikawa Marmalade Boy Michelle Ruff
1994-1995 Yumi Francois Tekkaman Blade II Tara Strong
1995 Gentle Shiori Galaxy Fräulein Yuna Meredith J. Dahl
1995-1997 Mimu Emilton Idol Project Michelle Ruff
1996 Bala Tattoon Master Lauren Worsham
1997 Miyuki (ep. 17) CLAMP School Detectives Amy Tipton
1997-2002 Sakura (eps. 183, 226) Pokémon Kerry Williams
1998-2003 Sakura (eps. 9) Pokémon Chronicles
1998 Ise Haruoshimi Virgin Fleet Jessica Calvello
1999-2001 Holly Monster Rancher Maggie Blue O'Hara Canada
1999-present Kaya One Piece Chio Su-Ping Singapore
Tara Sands United States
Carrie Savage
2002 Ferbronia Xenosaga Episode I Kari Wahlgren
2003-2005 Denbo Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo Kate Higgins
2005 Vivian (ep. 10) Gun X Sword
2006-2007 Sayuri Daimon Digimon Data Squad Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
2006 Nayuki Minase Kanon Jessica Boone
2008 Mako Yakumaru Rosario + Vampire Jennifer Seman
2008 Juri Kuran Vampire Knight Guilty Michelle Ruff
2012-2013 Ikuyo Hoshizora (Miyuki's mother) Smile PreCure! Cindy Robinson
2017 Momo (eps. 2, 4, 9) Masamune-kun's Revenge Mikaela Krantz