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Maria Vacratsis is a Canadian actress. She has been featured in several Canadian television series, including Degrassi: The Next Generation, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Tactical Girls, and Rent-a-Goalie. In addition to her work on television, she has appeared with Chris Farley and David Spade in the 1995 film Tommy Boy and as Aunt Frieda in My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) and its sequel My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016).


Anime Dubbing[]


  • Sailor Moon (1992-1993) - Negaforce, Morga (ep. 1), Fro (ep. 3), Garoben (ep. 8), Ramwoir (ep. 9), Kigaan (ep. 10), Titus (ep. 12), Tensie (ep. 14), Cameran (ep. 17), Jumo (ep. 18), Gemini Warrior (ep. 21), Veena (ep. 28), Blizzard (ep. 38) (DiC Dub)
  • Sailor Moon R (1993 - 1994) - Vampeal (ep. 47), Genie of the Time Warp (ep. 89), Additional Voices (DiC Dub)
  • Sailor Moon S (1994 - 1995) - Hurdler (ep. 106), Chiseler (ep. 107) (CWi Dub)

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