Mami Koyama (小山 茉美 Koyama Mami, born January 17, 1955 in Nishio, Aichi, Japan) is a veteran Japanese voice actress affiliated with Aoni Production.

Her best-known voice roles include Ophiuchus Shaina in Saint Seiya, Arale Norimaki in Dr. Slump, Minky Momo in Magical Princess Minky Momo, Lunch in Dragon Ball and Ryoko Mendou in Urusei Yatsura. Some of her notable roles in the 1990s and 2000s anime include Balalaika in Black Lagoon, Talia Gladys in Gundam Seed, and Eva Heinemann in Monster. In feature films, she voiced Kei in Akira, and the adult Chiyoko Fujiwara in Millennium Actress.

Dub Actors

Actor No. of Titles Country
Meredith McCoy 3 Flag United States
Edie Mirman 3 Flag United States
Jodi Forrest 2 Flag France
Melanie MacQueen 2 Flag United States
Monika Antonelli 1 Flag United States
Toni Barry 1 Flag United Kingdom
Kirsten Bishop 1 Flag Canada
Shelley Calene-Black 1 Flag United States
Denise Bryer 1 Flag United Kingdom
Janice Chaikelson 1 Flag Canada
Leah Clark 1 Flag United States
Lara Cody 1 Flag United States
Amber Cotton 1 Flag United States
Leda Davies 1 Flag Canada
Pam Dougherty 1 Flag United States
Onalea Gilbertson 1 Flag Canada
Barbara Goodson 1 Flag United States
Carolyn Hennesy 1 Flag United States
Debbie Holmes 1 Flag United States
Mikaela Krantz 1 Flag United States
Wendee Lee 1 Flag United States
Svea Macek 1 Flag United States
Christine Marten 1 Flag United States
Stephanie Nadolny 1 Flag United States
Kate Oxley 1 Flag United States
Brina Palencia 1 Flag United States
Michelle Porter 1 Flag Canada
Regina Reagan 1 Flag United Kingdom
Kathy Ritter 1 Flag United States
Kayzie Rogers 1 Flag United States
Liza Ross 1 Flag United Kingdom
Teryl Rothery 1 Flag Canada
Carrie Sakai 1 Flag Japan
Erica Schroeder 1 Flag United States
Michele Seidman 1 Flag United States
Karen Smith 1 Flag United States
Ellyn Stern 1 Flag United States
Allison Sumrall 1 Flag United States
Rena Strober 1 Flag United States
Veronica Taylor 1 Flag United States
Cathy Weseluck 1 Flag Canada
Kerry Williams 1 Flag United States
Linda Young 1 Flag United States


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1977-1978 Suzuko Ouse Arrow Emblem: Hawk of the Grand Prix Kathy Ritter United States
1979-1980 Kycilia Zabi Mobile Suit Gundam Michelle Porter Canada
1980-1981 Floret (ep. 23) Astro Boy Debbie Holmes United States
1980 Rachel Van Hellsing Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned Melanie MacQueen United States
1980 Amy March Little Women ¿? United States
1980-1981 Lamia X-Bomber Liza Ross United Kingdom
Keeli (ep. 11) Denise Bryer
1981 Mercedes Call of the Wild: Howl, Buck Ellyn Stern United States
1981-1986 Ryoko Mendou Urusei Yatsura Toni Barry United Kingdom
¿? Hong Kong
1982-1983 Minky Momo Magical Princess Minky Momo ¿? United States
1982-1983 Zia The Mysterious Cities of Gold Janice Chaikelson Canada
1984 Clarissa MacDougal Lensman Melanie MacQueen United States
Edie Mirman
United States
1985 Oyuki The Dagger of Kamui Carrie Sakai Tokyo, Japan
1986-1989 Launch Dragon Ball Meredith McCoy United States
Onalea Gilbertson Canada
Arale Norimaki Linda Young United States
Leda Davies Canada
1986 Pasta Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies Edie Mirman United States
Teryl Rothery Canada
Jodi Forrest France
Kate Oxley United States
1987 Launch Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess
in Devil's Castle
Monika Antonelli
Christine Marten
United States
Jodi Forrest France
1987 Fujiko Mine Lupin the 3rd: The Plot of the Fuma Clan Michele Seidman United States
1988 Kei Akira Lara Cody United States
Wendee Lee United States
1988 Herself Akira: Production Report Svea Macek United States
1988 Launch Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure Edie Mirman United States
Meredith McCoy United States
1989 Dragon Ball Z Meredith McCoy United States
Leah Clark (ep. 285)
Lemlia (ep. 11) Cathy Weseluck Canada
Amber Cotton United States
1993-1994 Esmeraude Sailor Moon R Kirsten Bishop Canada
Rena Strober United States
1998 Kohka Hirose Virgin Fleet Karen Smith United States
Charlotte Linlin
(eps. 786-on)
One Piece Pam Dougherty United States
1999 Ruriko
(ep. 108)
Pokémon Kayzie Rogers United States
2000 Cynthia Fullerton Lupin the 3rd: Missed by a Dollar Stephanie Nadolny United States
2000 Emperor Ryuma Mushrambo ¿? United States
2001 Emmy Metropolis Barbara Goodson United States
2001 Chiyoko Fujiwara (Adult) Millennium Actress Regina Reagan United Kingdom
2001 Towa Pokémon 4Ever Veronica Taylor United States
Kerry Williams (young)
2001-2002 Lirilara Shaman King Erica Schroeder United States
2004 Athena Areios Appleseed Carolyn Hennesy United States
Allison Sumrall United States
2009-2010 Pinako Rockbell
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Shelley Calene-Black United States
2016 Arale Norimaki (ep. 43) Dragon Ball Super Brina Palencia United States
2018 Popuko (ep. 12a) Pop Team Epic Mikaela Krantz United States