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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's (魔法少女リリカルなのは エース, Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha Ēsu) ("A's" is pronounced as "Ace") is an anime television series produced by Seven Arcs. It is the second anime in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha franchise, following the previous series. The series aired in Japan between October 1, 2005 and December 25, 2005 and was licensed in North America by FUNimation Entertainment.


Several months after Nanoha first became a Magical Girl, she still is unable to personally meet with her new close friend, Fate Testarossa, who is being tried in the Space / Time Administration Bureau for her association in the Lost Logia case. They still communicate through video-mail and hope to see each other in-person once again. Their reunion is not a happy one, unfortunately, as several people who call themselves "Velka-Type Knights" battle Nanoha above the city. Their objective is to fill the pages of the Book of Darkness by stealing the magical power of anyone they can find. Nanoha and Fate must once again team up to stop their plans and save the world.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Nanoha-Takamachi MGLN.jpg Nanoha Takamachi Yukari Tamura Cristina Valenzuela
Fate-Testarossa MGLN.jpg Fate Testarossa Nana Mizuki Jennifer Alyx
Yuuno-Scrya MGLN.jpgYuuno-Scrya-Ferret MGLN.jpg Yuuno Scrya Kaori Mizuhashi Marianne Miller
Hayate Yagami Kana Ueda Shelby Lindley
Raging-Heart MGLN.jpg Raging Heart Donna Burke Bailey Chadwick
Bardiche MGLN.jpg Bardiche Kevin J. England Jonathan Meza
Zafira Kazuya Ichijō
Aruf MGLN.jpgAruf-Wolf MGLN.jpg Aruf Natsuko Kuwatani Lauren Landa
Chrono-Harlaown MGLN.jpg Chrono Harlaown Mikako Takahashi
Tomokazu Sugita (Adult) Jonathan Meza (Adult)
Lindy-Harlaown MGLN.jpg Lindy Harlaown Aya Hisakawa ¿?
Amy-Limiette MGLN.jpg Amy Limiette Yuki Matsuoka Cassandra Lee Morris
Kyoya-Takamachi MGLN.jpg Kyōya Takamachi Hikaru Midorikawa Roy Pitts
Miyuki-Takamachi MGLN.jpg Miyuki Takamachi Ryōko Shiraishi Miley Yamamoto
Shiro-Takamachi MGLN.jpg Shirō Takamachi Kazuya Ichijō Kaiji Tang
Momoko-Takamachi MGLN.jpg Momoko Takamachi Erika Amano Michelle Ann Dunphy
Precia-Testarossa MGLN.jpg Precia Testarossa Rei Igarashi Julie Rei Goldstein
Alicia-Testarossa MGLN.jpg Alicia Testarossa Nana Mizuki Jennifer Alyx
Alisa-Bannings MGLN.jpg Alisa Bannings Rie Kugimiya ¿?
Suzuka-Tsukimura MGLN.jpg Suzuka Tsukimura Ai Shimizu Xanthe Huynh
Shinobu-Tsukimura MGLN.jpg Shinobu Tsukimura Miyu Matsuki ¿?
Noel MGLN.jpg Noel K. Ehrlichkeit Hyo-sei Laura Siegel
Falin MGLN.jpg Falin K. Ehrlichkeit Asuka Tanii Michelle Ann Dunphy
Shamal Ryoka Yuzuki Shelby Lindley
Lieze Aria Asuka Tanii Laura Post
Lieze Lotte Miyu Matsuki Michelle Ann Dunphy
Graf Eisen Tetsuya Kakihara Kaiji Tang
Levantine Patrick Aghajanian
Vita Asami Sanada Elizabeth Rick
Klarwind Alexandra Haefelin ¿?
Reinforce Zwei/Reinforce Eins Sanae Kobayashi Lauren Landa
Yukana Nogami
Gil Graham Katsumi Chou Tony Oliver
Letty Lowran Naoko Suzuki ¿?
Clyde Harlaown Jōji Nakata ¿?
Sachie Ishida Kumi Sakuma ¿?

Additional Voices

  • Brian Breth - Masked Man
  • Jennifer Cascio - Teacher


  • Many production credits for the English-language release are missing, with none of the voice cast being credited. Due to the cast consisting primarily of new-coming, or one-time voice actors, much of the cast is still unknown.

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Content Region Country
FUNimation Entertainment 2009 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1


United States United States
3 Discs
2010 The Complete Series
3 Discs

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