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Magical DoReMi (おジャ魔女どれみ Ojamajo Doremi, lit. "Bothersome Witch Doremi") is a Japanese magical girl anime television series created by Toei Animation. The original series aired in Japan on TV Asahi between February 7, 1999 and January 30, 2000, spanning 51 episodes.


Dorie Goodwyn, 3rd grade student at Misora Elementary School, claims to be the world's unluckiest pretty girl. Fascinated by witchcraft, she is drawn into a mysterious shop where she meets Patina and is able to deduce that this lady is in fact a real witch. Being exposed by a human triggers a curse that transforms witches into magical frogs. To regain her original body, Patina must turn Dorie into a witch by teaching her how to use magic. Thrilled by this odd development, Goodwyn becomes a witch apprentice. Unfortunately, her two best friends, Reanne Griffith and Mirabelle Haywood, discover that Dorie has become a magic user. Afraid that Goodwyn might become a magical frog too, Patina recruits both Reanne and Mirabelle and makes them witch apprentices too. The trio has lots of adventures as they try to triumph the necessary trials to become real witches.

Dubbing History

An English language version of the first season, produced by 4Kids Entertainment, aired in North America in 2005. Ojamajo Doremi made its US debut on 4Kids TV under the name Magical DoReMi with a preview episode on August 13, 2005 and regularly airing episodes beginning September 10, 2005; they aired 26 episodes by March 11, 2006. After that, the show was rerun until August 19, 2006. The show continued its run on November 13, 2007, exclusively on the network's web site and released its last episode on May 2, 2008. Due to the nature of some of the show's contents, 4Kids Entertainment altered or removed certain scenes and images to give the show a more Western feel and to make it suitable for younger audiences. Episode 30 was never released and dubbed in English.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Magical Doremi.png Dorie Goodwyn
(Doremi Harukaze)
Chiemi Chiba Amy Palant
Hazuki Fujiwara.gif Reanne Griffith
(Hazuki Fujiwara)
Tomoko Akiya Rebecca Soler
Aiko Senoo.png Mirabelle Haywood
(Aiko Senoo)
Yuki Matsuoka Kether Donohue
Onpu Segawa.png Ellie Craft
(Onpu Segawa)
Rumi Shishido Anne Marie Nestor
Majorika.png Patina
Nao Nagasawa Lisa Ortiz
Lala.gif Laralie
Megumi Takamura Andi Whaley
Poppu Harukaze.jpg Caitlyn Goodwyn
(Poppu Harukaze)
Sawa Ishige Liza Jacqueline
Keisuke.png Mr. Goodwyn
(Keisuke Harukaze)
Yūta Mochizuki Dan Green
Haruka Harukaze.png Mrs. Goodwyn
(Haruka Harukaze)
Yuka Shino Erica Schroeder
Reiko.png Mrs. Griffith
(Reiko Fujiwara)
Yui Maeda Kerry Williams
Akira Fujiwara.png George Griffith
(Akira Fujiwara)
Kenji Nomura Tom Wayland
Nana Baya.png Miss Suki
(Baya / Koyuki Ichikawa)
Yuko Saitō Erica Schroeder
Kouji.png Mr. Haywood
(Kōji Seno)
Kyousei Tsukui Sean Schemmel
Atsuko.png Miriam Haywood
(Atsuko Okamura)
Tomoko Hiratsuji ¿?
Seki Sensei.jpg Miss Cooper
(Ms. Seki)
Nanaho Katsuragi Kate Roland
Yuki Sensei.jpg Miss Shannon
(Ms. Yuki)
Yuka Imai Kayzie Rogers
Tamaki Basic.png Josie Huffington
(Reika Tamaki)
Ai Nagano Kerry Williams
Kotakeweb.png Todd Washington
(Tetsuya Kotake)
Kumiko Yokote Kayzie Rogers
Shimakura.png Penny
(Kaori Shimakura)
Shihomi Mizowaki Lisa Ortiz
Marina.gif Amanda
(Marina Koizumi)
Oma Ichimura Kerry Williams
Naomi-0.png Gia
(Naomi Okuyama)
Miwa Matsumoto ¿?
Hayashi.R.gif Peter
(Ryōta Hayashi)
Jun Mizuki ¿?
Nanako Okada.png Autumn Harrison
(Nanako Okada)
Sahori Kajikawa Liza Jacqueline
MasaruYada-0001.gif Justin Bailey
(Masaru Yada)
Nami Miyahara ¿?
Nobuko.gif Belinda Higgins
(Nobuko Yokokawa)
Kyoko Dōnowaki Amanda Brown
Iida.gif Haley
(Kanae Iida)
Haruna Kato ¿?
Toyokazu.png Stewart
(Toyokazu Sugiyama)
Reiko Kiuchi Michael Sinterniklaas
Ohta K.gif Oliver
(Yutaka Ota)
Noriko Fujita Tom Wayland
Sagawa.png Simon
(Yuji Sagawa)
Reiko Fujita Sean Schemmel
Igarashi senpai.png Igarashi Tomo Saeki ¿?
Maki Higuchi.png Shannon Marley
(Maki Higuchi)
Nao Kōyama ¿?
Magic World
WitchQueen.png Queen Lumina
(Witch Queen)
Yuka Imai Carol Jacobanis
Alexandre Togosaku Oyajide.gif Feredagio the Great
(Alexandre Togosaku Oyajide)
Ginzō Matsuo Ted Lewis
Majoruka.gif Petunia
Mayumi Shō Kathleen Delaney
Hehe.gif Felina
Hiroko Konishi Jessica Calvello
Mota.gif Drona
Yūko Kawasaki
Motamota.gif Rona
Yoko Erica Schroeder
Dera.gif Conya
Chihiro Sakurai Mollie Weaver
Majorin.gif Amaretta
Reiko Kiuchi Kelly Ray
Rere.png RaeRae
Jun Mizuki Rebecca Soler
Hachitarou.png Parsley
Yōjin Letomi Sean Schemmel
Surumeko.png Rosemary
Kanako Tobimatsu Kether Donohue

Additional Voices


  • The role of Ellie Craft is often incorrectly attributed to Jessica Calvello, though she has denied the role. New York-based actress Anne Marie Nestor has listed Magical DoReMi on her resume, though not listing the role itself, mentions it as a main role.[1]
  • There also exists a Singaporean English dub from Voiceovers Unlimited. Reportedly, Cloverway produced their own English dub which aired in Australia on the ABC, but no proof has been found of the dub's existence.


Date(s) Channel Country
2005-2006 FOX
(4Kids TV)
United States United States


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