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Magic User's Club is a 1996 OVA created by Junichi Sato.

The anime OVA series was animated by Ashi Productions, directed by Junichi Sato, and was released from May 25, 1996 to October 25, 1997, consisting of 6 episodes. An English dub was released and produced by NYAV Post in 2001. It was formerly licensed by Media Blasters, to which it was re-licensed by Right Stuf Inc. in 2015.


One sunny day invaders came from space. They weren't little green men or funny girls wearing school uniforms, though. They were ugly robots which defeated the UN forces in seconds. After that the invaders (known as "eyeballs") roamed around and observed human society. In fact, they were peaceful unless attacked. They were polite and followed all the traffic laws, too. Still, they were aliens and the people of Earth wanted them to go home. The Kitanohashi High School Magic Club took it on themselves to defeat these foul robots and free the world.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Sae Sawanoguchi Hiroko Konishi Misty Daniels
Akane Aikawa Junko Iwao Nicole Tieri
Takeo Takakura Masaya Onosaka Jamie McGonnigal
Nanaka Nakatomi Mayumi Iizuka Lisa Ortiz
Ayanojyo Aburatsubo Takehito Koyasu Kevin T. Collins
Minoru Minowa Akio Ōtsuka Mike Pollock
Katsuhito Kubo Akira Shirai
Mizuha Miyama Rei Sakuma Suzanne Gilad
Yoshito Yoshimoto Tomohiro Nishimura Michael Sinterniklaas
Jeff Satoru Nakano Michele O'Medlin
Rinpun Kazuya Ichijō Michelle Newman
Akane's Boyfriend 2 Katsuaki Arima Michael Silvernickle
Akane's Boyfriend 1 Jared Allen Faber
Akane's Boyfriend 3 Yūji Ueda
Akane's Boyfriend 4 Akimitsu Takase
Rie Yoshiko Kamei Shannon Conley
Saki Sawanoguchi Atsuko Tanaka
Naomi Kozue Yoshizumi Amy Fitts
Asako Dodo
Driver Shū Saitō Carl Huebner

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