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Lupin the 3rd vs. Cat's Eye (ルパン三世VSキャッツ・アイ, Rupan Sansei VS Kattsu Ai) is a 2023 ONA crossover between Monkey Punch's Lupin III franchise and Tsukasa Hojo's Cat's Eye franchise, prior to the latter series' 40th anniversary.


The Cat's Eye sisters are once again aiming to steal the three paintings that once belonged to their father. Only this time, Lupin III is also after the same trio of paintings that is targeted by the three sisters. The paintings in question will also reveal a long-buried mystery.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Arsène Lupin III - LIIIvsODG Arsène Lupin III Kanichi Kurita Tony Oliver
Ai Kisugi - LIIIvsODG Ai Kisugi Chika Sakamoto Deneen Melody
Daisuke Jigen - LIIIvsODG Daisuke Jigen Akio Ōtsuka Richard Epcar
Hitomi Kisugi - LIIIvsODG Hitomi Kisugi Keiko Toda Alicyn Packard
Fujiko Mine - LIIIvsODG Fujiko Mine Miyuki Sawashiro Michelle Ruff
Rui Kisugi - LIIIvsODG Rui Kisugi Rika Fukami Cristina Vee
Toshio Utsumi - LIIIvsODG Toshio "Toshi" Utsumi Yoshito Yasuhara Ryan Colt Levy
Koichi Zenigata - LIIIvsODG Inspector Zenigata Kōichi Yamadera Doug Erholtz
Goemon Ishikawa XIII - LIIIvsODG Goemon Ishikawa XIII Daisuke Namikawa Lex Lang
Heinrich Berger - LIIIvsODG Heinrich Berger Banjō Ginga (fake voice) Tom Choi
Takayuki Sugō (true voice)
Dennis Kirchmann - LIIIvsODG Dennis Kirchmann Hiroki Tōchi Keith Silverstein
Sadatsugu Nagaishi - LIIIvsODG Sadatsugu Nagaishi Mugihito ¿?
LIIIvsODG title(1) Michael Heinz Sean Burgos

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  • This is the first Lupin-related media (or special in this case) to be unionized due to be unionized due to the appearance of Sean Burgos.