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Lupin the Third Part IV, known as Lupin III - The Italian Adventure (Italian: Lupin III - L'avventura italiana) in Italy, is the fourth (fifth, if counting The Woman Called Fujiko Mine) television installment in the Lupin III franchise.

The series is produced by TMS Entertainment and animated by Telecom Animation Film. It began airing in Italy on August 30, 2015, and in Japan on October 1, 2015.

Dubbing History

The dub for Part IV was first announced on Twitter on November 1, 2016 by Discotek Media, who licensed the series for a 2017 home video release. The dub was directed by Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern, and reunited Pioneer/Geneon's voice cast for Part II and The Mystery of Mamo, with the exception of Dan Lorge (Zenigata) who had retired from voice acting since and is replaced with Doug Erholtz.

The dub is based on the Italian dub of the series, which had various differences, mainly additional scenes and a different music score composed by Italian composer Papik, rather than the score by longtime Lupin composer Yuji Ohno. The latter in particular has received much backlash from fans. Because of this, the 24 episode count of the original Japanese version is extended to the Italian 26 Episodes (the 2 of which were released in Japan as a pair of OVAs).

The dub started airing on Adult Swim's Toonami Block on June 17, 2017.


Image Character Seiyū Voice Actor
Lupin-blue-jacket.jpg Arsène Lupin III Kanichi Kurita Tony Oliver
Jigen-blue-jacket.jpg Daisuke Jigen Kiyoshi Kobayashi Richard Epcar
Goemon-blue-jacket.jpg Goemon Ishikawa XIII Daisuke Namikawa Lex Lang
Fujiko-blue-jacket.jpg Fujiko Mine Miyuki Sawashiro Michelle Ruff
Zenigata-blue-jacket.jpg Inspector Koichi Zenigata Kōichi Yamadera Doug Erholtz
Rebecca-rossellini.jpg Rebecca Rossellini Yukiyo Fujii Cassandra Lee Morris
Nyx.jpg Justin Person (Agent Nyx) Shunsuke Sakuya Michael McConnohie
Zuccoli.jpg Robson Zuccoli Jin Yamanoi Neil Kaplan
Wataru-Uraga.jpg Kou Uraga Eiji Hanawa Michael Sinterniklaas
Percival-Gibbons.jpg Percival Gibbons Shinshū Fuji J.B. Blanc
Da-Vinci-lupin.jpg Leonardo da Vinci Kazuhiko Inoue Jamieson Price

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Voice Actor Ep.
Patrick-Lupin.jpg Patrick Hiroshi Tsuchida Lucien Dodge 1
Lionello.jpg Lionello Kazuyoshi Azuma Jamieson Price
Marco Zoff.jpg Marco Zoff Hajime Odagiri Steve Kramer
Mauro-Brozzi.jpg Mauro Brozzi Fuminori Komatsu Terrence Stone 2
Riccardo Mondini.jpg Riccardo Mondini Takaya Hashi Doug Erholtz
Leo Lupin.jpg Leo Kenji Nomura Michael Sorich
Prince James.jpg Prince James Hidemitsu Shimizu Robbie Daymond 3
Eric-Urgiani.jpg Eric Urgiani Yohei Tadano Jamieson Price 4
Nino.jpg Nino Tadashi Miyazawa Steve Kramer
Livia.jpg Livia Sayaka Ohara Laura Post
Luca.jpg Luca Kenji Nojima Lucien Dodge 5
Ringmaster Lupin.jpg Ringmaster Shigeru Ushiyama Michael McConnohie
Tony Belcastro.jpg Tony Belcastro Tomisaburou Horikoshi Christopher Corey Smith
Elena-Gotti.jpg Elena Gotti Atsuko Tanaka Ellyn Stern 7
Cesare-Albertini.jpg Cesare Albertini Rikiya Koyama Jamieson Price
Roberto Gotti.jpg Roberto Gotti Kinryū Arimoto Christopher Corey Smith
Nadine-Lupin.jpg Nadine Yuki Kazu Laura Post 8, 20
Bridgette-Lupin.jpg Bridgette Motoko Kumai Marieve Herington 8, 13,
14, 20
Adolfo-Lupin.jpg Adolfo Issei Futamata Richard Cansino 9
Carla-Gautieri.jpg Carla Gautieri Misaki Kuno Brianna Knickerbocker
Belladonna Lupin.jpg Belladonna Ryōko Shiraishi Erin Fitzgerald 10
Leopoldo-Fargo.jpg Leopold Fargo Junpei Morita Jeff Nimoy
Guido Cesario.jpg Guido Cesario Mitsuru Ogata Steve Kramer 11
Lupin Police Chief.jpg Chief Katsuhisa Hōki Richard Epcar 14
Philip Casper.jpg Philip Casper Manabu Muraji Steve Kramer 15
Baldini.jpg Baldini Katsumi Chō Tony Oliver
Mario-Lupin.jpg Mario Tokuyoshi Kawashima Michael Sinterniklaas 16
Ricky Lupin.jpg Ricky Satoshi Nakao Todd Haberkorn
Principal Lupin.jpg Principal Shōzō Sasaki Steve Kramer
Moreno Lupin.jpg Moreno Atsuki Tani
Franco-Lupin.jpg Franco Takuya Kirimoto Doug Erholtz
Greco Lupin.jpg Greco Takanori Okuda Jeff Nimoy 18
Fox-Lupin.jpg Fox Kōji Ishii Michael Sorich 20
Glenn Lupin.jpg Glenn Masaomi Yamahashi Richard Cansino
Martin Yoshisada Sakaguchi Michael Sorich 21
Nora Anita Hana Takeda Ellyn Stern
Kosuke Holmes.jpg Kosuke Holmes Akechi Setsuji Satō Spike Spencer 22
Yoshio Watson.jpg Yoshio Watson Obayashi Tomo Muranaka Brianna Knickerbocker
Mayu Hanasaki.jpg Mayu Hanasaki Tamako Miyazaki
Pietro Panini.jpg Pietro Panini Mitsuaki Kanuka Todd Haberkorn 23

Additional Voices


  • The regular end credits do not credit the dub cast, though on the DVD a credit scroll is played at the end of the episode playlist which properly credits the cast.


Date(s) Channel Country
2017-2018 Cartoon Network
United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Discotek Media 2018 BD The Complete Series A
United States United States
3 Discs
DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
4 Discs
Anime Limited 2019 BD The Complete Series B
United Kingdom United Kingdom
3 Discs

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