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Little Big Panda (熊猫总动员) is a 2011 animated children's family film directed by Michael Schoemann. A co-production between China, Germany, Spain and Belgium, the film was released in China on February 3, 2011.


A panda cub named Manchu who must convince his family and friends to leave their homes following the deforestation of the bamboo forests in search of a new one.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Manchu LBP Manchu TBA Karen Strassman
Kung Fucios LBP Kung Fucios TBA Sam Riegel
Yung Fu LBP Yung Fu TBA Cristina Vee
Ying LBP Ying TBA Alex Ryan
Mama Chu LBP Mama Chu TBA Paige B. Franklin
Chi Chi LBP Chi Chi TBA Jessica Straus
Lung Fu LBP Lung Fu TBA Jessica Gee
Buddha Bear LBP Buddha Bear TBA Brent Henry
Mrs. Cheng LBP Mrs. Cheng TBA Wendee Lee
Mr. Teng LBP Mr. Teng TBA Michael McConnohie
Hoo Hoo LBP Hoo Hoo TBA Max Moran
Brutus LBP Brutus TBA Travis Willingham
Tyson LBP Tyson TBA Jamieson Price

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Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Region Country
TBA 2011 DVD 3
Thailand Thailand

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