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Little Astro Boy (ろぼっとアトム Robot Atom) is a 2014 series based on Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy character, co-produced with Nigeria's Channels TV. The English version of the series, produced at the same time as the Japanese version, was done in Vancouver.


Astro Boy is a 5 year old robot boy, learning about the world around him from his robot parents, his mentor Dr. O'Shay, and his older human friends. He is an upbeat and positive child, but his abilities are envied by the mansion-dwelling criminal Hamegg. Hamegg enlists the help of his friends, the scientist Dr. Flau and the purple gorilla Gora, in schemes to outsmart, outdo, or even impress Astro and friends. In the end, Astro either succeeds against Hamegg or winds up working together with him.


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Astro Boy Rie Murakawa Jennifer Cameron
Pikko Yuka Nakatsukasa Chantal Strand
Reggie Masami Kikuchi Roger Harris
Tac Mayumi Yamaguchi Ashley Alexander
Kinako Ai Fukada Shannon Chan-Kent
Ken Asami Tano Erin Mathews
Mitchy Chuna Callyn Dorval
Paul Yuka Terasaki Erin Mathews
Hamegg Riki Kitazawa Cole Howard
Dr. Flau Tsuyoshi Aoki Charlie Bostio
Pato Kentaro Tone Campbell McLoed
Gora Daisuke Egawa Adam Fedyk
Speed Joe Katsuyuki Konishi Campbell McLoed

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