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Levius is an anime television series produced by Polygon Pictures based on the eponymous manga created by Haruhisa Nakata, which premeired on Netflix on November 28, 2019, consisting of 12 episodes.


Levius has lost a lot in the war. His father is dead, and he lost an arm trying to protect his mother, who is in a coma. Now his arm has been replaced with a metal prosthesis, and his Uncle Zacks has taken him. The traumatized Levius soon becomes interested in metal boxing, and his uncle helps him get involved in the brutal sport.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Levius Cromwell (Levius).png Levius Cromwell Nobunaga Shimazaki Zach Aguilar
Levius Cromwell (Child) (Levius).jpg ¿?
(child; ep. 2)
Zacks Cromwell (Levius).png Zachs Cromwell Junichi Suwabe Sean Burgos
Bill Weinberg (Levius).png Bill Weinberg Takahiro Sakurai Todd Haberkorn
Natalia Garnet (Levius).png Natalia Garnet Ayane Sakura Julia McIlvaine
Secondary Characters
A.J.Langdon (Levius).png A.J. Langdon Saori Hayami Christine Marie Cabanos
Dr. Crown (Levius).png Dr. Crown Mamoru Miyano Trevor Devall
Malcom Eden (Levius).png Malcolm Eden Hōchū Ōtsuka Neil Kaplan
Hugo Stratus (Levius).png Hugo Stratas Daisuke Ono Jamieson Price
Recurring Characters
Levius's Grandmother (Levius).jpg Marsha Cromwell Maki Izawa Julie Ann Taylor
Raymond Stratus (Levius).jpg Raymond Stratus Yoshito Yasuhara Christopher Corey Smith
Levius's Mother (Levius).jpg Levius's Mother ¿? ¿?
Levius (Logo).png Referee Kenta Sasa Doug Erholtz

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode
Floyd Anderson (Levius).jpg Floyd Anderson ¿? ¿? 1



Transmission via Streaming

Company Date Category Format Content Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png November 28, 2019 Anime /
Original Series
Digital 12 eps 13+ United States United States

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