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Leo the Lion (La storia di Leo) is an Italian animated film directed by Mario Cambi. An English dub of the film produced by The Weinstein Company was released in 2013.


Leo is a young vegetarian lion who has trouble fitting in, so he leaves the jungle to go on a quest to find himself.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Leo the Lion.png Leo the Lion Neri Marcorè Daniel Amerman
Uncle Lope.png Uncle Lope Leo Gullotta John Cygan
Maximus Elephante.png Maximus Elephante Carlo Conti Matthew Mercer
Savanna.png Savanna Emanuela Rossi Amanda Allan Clark
Baby Elephant 1.png Baby Elephants Manuel Meli Debi Derryberry
Baby Elephant 2.png Alex Polidori
Spots.png Spots ¿? Bailey Gambertoglio
Nanou.png Nanou Teresa Battaglia Cristina Pucelli
Ebony.png Ebony ¿? Cole Sand
Shaman (leo the lion).png Shaman ¿? Porter Hansen
Goo Roo.png Goo Roo Dario Penne Eileen Galindo
Beatrice the Elephant Doctor.png Beatrice the Elephant Doctor ¿?
Eli Phant.png Eli Phant ¿? Michael Sorich
Leo's Mom.png Leo's Mom Emanuela Baroni Mari Devon

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