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Lastman is an adult animated television series based on the French comics series by Balak and Bastien Vivès. It aired in France between November 22, 2016 and December 14, 2016. The series began streaming on VRV on August 25, 2017.

Dubbing History

The dub was produced for VRV by NYAV Post and featured a voice cast consisting of LA, NY and Texas based actors which was then released to the streaming service. However the dub has not been released outside of America due to the streaming service being exclusive to that country and only the first episode is available on YouTube.

There is a Blu-Ray and DVD release of the show released in France that has an English language track (alongside the original French audio), but for unknown reasons it has a completely different dub with its own localization, dubbing studio and pool of actors. The dubbing studio and cast for that dub is still not known.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Richard Martial Le Minoux Aaron Phillips
Dave Patrick Béthune J. David Brimmer
Siri Maëlys Ricordeau Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Holy Father Michel Elias Michael Sorich
Rizel Coryn Williams Kevin T. Collins
Senkova Damien Ferrette Doug Erholtz
Tomie Barbara Beretta Cherami Leigh
Kaiser ¿? Lex Woutas
Chubs Bruno Méyère Joe Ochman
Cooper ¿? T.J. Storm
Howard Vincent Ropion Jamieson Price
Laura ¿? Cherami Leigh
Bernard ¿? T.J. Del Reno
Eric Rose Stephane Ronchewski Bill Lobley
Lt. Monica Mendoza Marie Chevalot Monica Rial
Duke Karim Tougui Chris Jai Alex
Kriss Bennett Marie Chevalot J.R. Lynn
Lo-Pan ¿? Brian Kim
Karl Monsieur Poulpe Tyler Bunch
Sgt. Daniel Hashman Gilduin Tissier Ray Chase
Milo Zotis Jérémy Prévost Jason Griffith
Max Mounds ¿? Lex Woutas
Chorum Antoine Tomé J. David Brimmer
Enrico Eleniak ¿? Jason Simon
Gemini Emmanuel Bonnamy D.R. Carter
Jayce Stephane Ronchewski Jason Griffith
Tallulah Claire Baradat Amanda Celine Miller
Wolverine ¿? J. David Brimmer
Steven Thierry Jahn Joe Ochman
Jean-Michel Emmanuel Karsen Chris Jai Alex
Female Addict ¿? Lisa Ortiz
Male Addict ¿? Wayne Grayson
Anabelle Chang Celine Melloul Stephanie Sheh
Charles Benjamin Bollen Kevin T. Collins
John Lando ¿? Michael Schneider

Episodic Characters

Character Dub Actor United States Episode
Arumeri Mike Pollock 15
Darko Michael Sinterniklaas 16
Killer Chiropractor Jamieson Price
Rocco Jason Simon 17
Raghan Ray Chase
Harvey Devaine 19
Dylan Harper Doug Erholtz
Scott Jason Simon 20
Vaylor Joe Ochman
Prezic Wayne Grayson
Male Police Chief Mike Pollock 21
Rayden Chris Jai Alex 23
Prim Lolita Lafayette
Christin Billy Bob Thompson 25
Hendrix Jake Paque

Additional Voices

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