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Kung Fu Sock is a Chinese animated series produced by Tencent and UYoung.


The series follows the adventures of a curious 8-year-old girl named TZ (short for "Tianzhen," which means "innocence") who always dreamed of going on adventures and exploring wonderful places, and then one day she finds an odd-looking sock in her mother’s laundry that…. Talks. It was originally a Kung Fu Master from another world charged with guarding an ancient scroll. When the Master came through a vortex into TZ’s time, his powers were weakened, and he was transformed into a sock.  However, when the little girl puts the sock on her foot she transforms into a super heroine – a kick-ass Kung Fu girl, and together they must complete King Fu Wa’s mission and follow the ancient scroll to defeat evil and protect their world.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Tee Zeng / Kung Fu Girl Zhou Zhou Sofia Gomez
Master Kicko / Kung Fu Sock Fu Bowen Alex Teixeira
Hiro Hao / Sword Hero Jiasi Li Alex Machado
Manipulens Zhankun Zhang Travis Roig
Min Mu Qiu Dariana Fustes
TZ's Mom Chenjie Zhong Ghia Burns
TZ's Dad ?? Romulo Bernal
Gossip Boy Kun Chen Renato Nicastro
Master Kicko's master Fu Bowen Gerald Urquhart


Date(s) Channel Country
2022 Pop United Kingdom United Kingdom