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Kevin Andrew Rivera (born June 6, 1994) is an American voice actor based in California.


Kevin was born in the beautiful little island of Puerto Rico, where he would constantly freak out his parents by sneaking off in the mall to check out all the video game stores. He grew up being surrounded by Puerto Rican art, theater and music.

When Kevin turned 7, his family moved to Connecticut in hopes of an even brighter future. A couple of years go by, and his older sister got involved in her school play, “The King and I”. Little 12 year old Kevin’s eyes lit up with inspiration.

Kevin attended the University of Connecticut and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. His conservatory training helped him sharpen his skills at a young age. After finding a passion for VOICE Acting, he saved some money, bought a few Nintendo games along the way, and moved out to Los Angeles.


Live-Action Dubbing

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Anime Dubbing


  • ORIENT (2022-present) - Pupil (ep. 1)

Video Game Dubbing

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