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Kenichi Ogata (緒方 賢一 Ogata Ken'ichi, born March 29, 1942) is a Japanese voice actor from Fukuoka Prefecture. He used to work at Aoni Production and now is working at Production Baobab.

After graduating junior high school, Ogata studied cooking, and then went to high school, where he aimed to be a comedy performer and worked for some theatrical companies. His voice acting debut was in Mazinger Z, and has been voice acting since.

He is known for his unique soft voice, but also for his astringent and villain roles. Voice actress Megumi Hayashibara has pronounced him as the "Father of the seiyū world". Some of his more notable roles include Genma Saotome in Ranma ½, Professor Hiroshi Agasa in Detective Conan, Myōga in InuYasha and King Dedede in Kirby: Right Back At Ya!.


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1974-1975 Analyzer Space Battleship Yamato ¿? United States
Commander Ganz ¿?
1977-1978 Ruger Danguard Ace Dale Hemmond United States
1977-1978 Toronbo
(ep. 40)
Lupin the 3rd Part II ¿? United States
Jusho Akahaji
(eps. 55-56)
David Lodge
One-Ear Joe
(ep. 78)
Richard Cansino
1978 Analyzer Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato Bill Capizzi United States
1978-1979 Space Battleship Yamato II ¿? United States
1979-1980 Mechandor Gatchaman Fighter ¿? United States
1980-1981 Analyzer Space Battleship Yamato III ¿? United States
1980 Mr. Rodgers
(1st voice)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Simon Prescott United States
1980-1981 Dr. Ushiyama
(ep. 1)
Astro Boy Richard Ganoung United States
Orion 108 Captain
(ep. 17)
Brian Parry
Hunter #2
(ep. 34)
Paul Nelson
1980 Notoro Don Quixote in the Tales of La Mancha Richard Epcar United States
1980-1981 Doctor Gedora X-Bomber Al Matthews United Kingdom
1981 Melvin's Lackey 1 Unico in the Island of Magic Jan Rabson United States
1981-1982 Commander Sadak Beast King GoLion Jack Angel United States
1981-1986 Mr. Moroboshi Urusei Yatsura Marc Matney United States
¿? United Kingdom
Darren Pleavin Hong Kong
1982-1983 Sekitori Cybot Robotchi Jan Rabson United States
1982 Dakoba Space Adventure Cobra Allan Wenger United Kingdom
Jeff Winkless United States
1983-1984 White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland ¿? South Africa
1983-1984 Albert Killy Armored Trooper VOTOMS David Logan Rankin United States
1983 Constable Bully Around the World with Willy Fog ¿? United States
1983 Mr. Moroboshi Urusei Yatsura: Only You Jerry Winsett United States
1984 Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer Larry Robinson United States
1985-1986 Bernie Button Nose Steve Kramer United States
1985-1986 Professor Honkytonk Hey! Bumboo Rick Jones Canada
1985 Stan Lupin the 3rd: Legend of the Gold of Babylon Lex Lang United States
1985 Mr. Moroboshi Urusei Yatsura 3: Remember My Love Jerry Winsett United States
1986 Urusei Yatsura 4: Lum the Forever United States
1987-1991 Dr. Raven
(ep. 4)
Bubblegum Crisis Michael Titterton United States
1987-1989 Cat
(ep. 1)
Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics Michael McConnohie United States
(ep. 5)
Kerrigan Mahan
(ep. 14)
The King
(ep. 18)
Simon Prescott
(ep. 33)
(ep. 35)
(ep. 37)
Michael Forest
Spirit in the Bottle
(ep. 38)
Toad #1
(ep. 39)
Hans Mueller
(ep. 40)
Other Kingdom's King
(ep. 42)
Michael Forest
General #2
(ep. 43)
Michael Sorich
(ep. 44)
Mike Reynolds
The Angel
(ep. 47)
1987 Rock The Story of Fifteen Boys Kerrigan Mahan United States
1988 Mr. Moroboshi Urusei Yatsura 5: The Final Chapter Jerry Winsett United States
1989 Mr. Smee The Adventures of Peter Pan Dean Hagopian Canada
1989-1990 Henk Alfred J. Kwak John Baddeley United Kingdom
1989-1992 Yōhei Onuma The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor Dan Lorge United States
1989 Ed Lupin the 3rd: Bye, Bye, Lady Liberty Colin Bruce United Kingdom
1989 Mr. Happy Mr. Happy Steve Kramer United States
1989-1992 Genma Saotome Ranma ½ Robert O. Smith Canada
David Bridges Hong Kong
Rich Husband
(ep. 10)
Michael Donovan Canada
1990-1992 Frair Tuck Robin Hood Stuart Organ United Kingdom
1990-1991 Reikainosuke Nekomata Kyatto Ninden Teyandee Walter Massey Canada
(ep. 4)
Arthur Grosser
1991 Kuroda Shigemaru Doomed Megalopolis Nigel Lambert United Kingdom
Steve Kramer United States
1991 Genma Saotome Ranma ½ the Movie: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China Robert O. Smith Canada
1991 Mr. Moroboshi Urusei Yatsura 6: Always My Darling Jerry Winsett United States
1992 Professor Crankshaw The Bush Baby Walter Massey Canada
1992-1998 Shutsu Giant Robo: The Animation Stephen Apostolina United States
Ted Lewis
United States
1992-1993 Nue
(ep. 2)
Green Legend Ran Terry Klassen Canada
1992-1993 Kyomara La Blue Girl Pepper Ringenbach United States
1992 Genma Saotome Ranma ½ the Movie 2: Nihao, My Concubine Robert O. Smith Canada
1992-1993 Azaka Tenchi Muyo! Mark Tracy United States
1992 Stanis Muggiani Tottoi Bernard Erhard United States
1992 Video Store Owner Video Girl Ai Richard Newman Canada
1992-1995 Gonzo Tarukane Yu Yu Hakusho Brad Jackson United States
1993 Slave Elder Casshan: Robot Hunter Simon Prescott United States
1993 Leonardo da Vinci Mask of Zeguy Alan Sklar United States
1993-1994 Dr. Wily Mega Man: Upon a Star Scott McNeil Canada
1993 Genma Saotome Ranma ½: Desperately Seeking Shampoo Robert O. Smith Canada
1993 Masaru Oshita Suikoden Demon Century Brett Weaver United States
1993 Azaka Tenchi Muyo! The Night Before the Carnival Mark Tracy United States
1994 Ra Devil Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals Michael Sorich United States
1994 Genma Saotome Ranma ½: Like Water for Ranma Robert O. Smith Canada
1994 Ranma ½: Akane & Her Sisters Canada
1994 Ranma ½: An Akane to Remember Canada
1994-1995 Ranma ½: One Grew Over the Kuno's Nest Canada
1994 Azaka Tenchi Muyo! II Mark Tracy United States
1994 Alfonso "Al" Andretti Tico of the Seven Seas Don Brown Canada
1995 Mayor Ninku the Movie Barry Stigler United States
1995 Genma Saotome Ranma ½: Faster Kasumi! Kill! Kill! Robert O. Smith Canada
1995 Farmer
(ep. 2)
Saber Marionette R Don Brown Canada
1995-1998 Admiral Tadakoro Silent Service John French United States
1995 Azaka Tenchi Universe Mark Tracy United States
Professor Hiroshi Agasa Detective Conan Chuck Powers Singapore
Bill Flynn United States
1996-1997 Ieyasu Tokugawa Saber Marionette J Don Brown Canada
1996-1997 Pierre
(ep. 1)
Those Who Hunt Elves John Gremillion United States
1997 Professor Hiroshi Agasa Detective Conan: The Time Bombed Skyscraper Bill Flynn United States
1997 Art Store Owner The Dog of Flanders Christopher Carroll United States
1997-2002 John
(ep. 90)
Pokémon Maddie Blaustein United States
(ep. 185)
James Carter Cathcart
1997 Azaka Tenchi in Tokyo Doug Stone United States
1998 Fuhrer Flatski Brave Fencer Musashi Paul St. Peter United States
Mayor McGovern Mike Reynolds
1998 Shimabukuro Sengakuji Cyber Team in Akihabara Vic Mignogna United States
1998 Professor Hiroshi Agasa Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Target Bill Flynn United States
1998 Old Outlaw
(ep. 16)
Outlaw Star Mike Reynolds United States
1999-2003 Miguel Soldano
(ep. 1)
The Big O Simon Prescott United States
1999 Professor Hiroshi Agasa Detective Conan: The Last Wizard Of The Century Bill Flynn United States
1999-2000 Aesop
(ep. 11)
Excel Saga John Gremillion United States
Elder #4 One Piece Kent Williams
(ep. 151)
United States
Doug Burks
1999 Apollis Power Stone Bill Colgate Canada
1999 Azaka Tenchi Forever! Doug Stone United States
1999 Tatsunosuke Z-Mind Colin Murdock Canada
2000 Professor Hiroshi Agasa Detective Conan: Captured in Her Eyes Bill Flynn United States
2000-2004 Myoga InuYasha Paul Dobson Canada
Russell Wait Hong Kong
2001 Professor Hiroshi Agasa Detective Conan: Countdown to Heaven Bill Flynn United States
2001 Myoga InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time Paul Dobson Canada
2001-2003 King Dedede Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Ted Lewis United States
2002 Ukki White Ape Escape 2 Marc Silk United Kingdom
Gary Mack United States
2002 Professor Hiroshi Agasa Detective Conan: The Phantom of Baker Street Bill Flynn United States
2002 Myoga InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass Paul Dobson Canada
2002-2006 Tessen
(eps. 40, 55)
Pokémon Advanced Generation Dan Green United States
2003 Myoga InuYasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler Paul Dobson Canada
2005 Ukki White Ape Escape 3 Philip Proctor United States
Marc Silk United Kingdom
2005-2006 Ted A. Adams
(eps. 18-19)
Blood+ David Rasner United States
2006-2009 Shamisen The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Steve Kramer United States
2006-2010 Pluto
(eps. 110, 150-152)
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Mike Pollock United States
2009-2010 Myoga InuYasha: The Final Act Paul Dobson Canada
2014 Shimazu Yoshihiro Sengoku Basara: End of Judgement R. Bruce Elliott United States
2015-2019 Professor Kuseno One-Punch Man Doug Stone United States
2015 One-Punch Man United States
Gran Torino /
My Hero Academia Charles Campbell United States
2016-2017 Zenrus Tales of Zestiria: The Cross Garrett Schenck United States
Dr. Ōkido Pokémon Masters Joe J. Thomas United States
2020 Gran Torino /
My Hero One's Justice 2 Charles Campbell United States
2020-2022 Myoga Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Paul Dobson United States
2022 Elder #4 One Piece Film: Red Doug Burks United States