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Kazuyuki Sogabe (曽我部 和恭 (formerly 曽我部 和行) Sogabe Kazuyuki, April 16, 1948 - September 17, 2006) was a Japanese actor, voice actor, musician and narrator from Chiba Prefecture. He was best known for providing the voice of Gemini Saga and Gemini Kanon in Saint Seiya.

Sogabe retired from acting on December 31, 2000 when he felt a weakness in his own voice. After his retirement, many of his roles were replaced with other voice actors, namely Tetsu Inada and Ryōtarō Okiayu. Sogabe died on September 17, 2006 at around 8 PM from esophageal cancer, with which he had been diagnosed two months before. He was 58 years old.

Dub Actors

Actor No. of Titles Country
Pierre Brulator 2 United States
Clay Lowrey 2 Japan
Scott McNeil 2 Canada
Doug Rand 2 France
Christopher Sabat 2 United States
Denis Akiyama 1 Canada
Stephen Apostolina 1 United States
Paul Bandey 1 France
Catherine Battistone 1 United States
Beau Billingslea 1 United States
Steve Blum 1 United States
Bryan Bounds 1 United States
Duncan Brannan 1 United States
Max Christian 1 United States
Ethan Cole 1 Canada
Christopher Collet 1 United States
Bryan Cranston 1 United States
R. Bruce Elliott 1 United States
Michael Forest 1 United States
Cliff Harrington 1 Japan
Sean Hennigan 1 United States
Chuck Huber 1 United States
Bradford Hutson 1 United States
Jeremy Inman 1 United States
Mike Kleinhenz 1 United States
Kerrigan Mahan 1 United States
Dave Mallow 1 United States
Andy McAvin 1 United States
Michael McConnohie 1 United States
Mike McFarland 1 United States
Stuart Milligan 1 United Kingdom
Michael Morris 1 United Kingdom
Joseph Murray 1 Singapore
Chris Patton 1 United States
Ward Perry 1 Canada
Dave Pettitt 1 Canada
Frank Pita 1 United States
Chris Rager 1 United States
P.J. Ramos 1 Philippines
William Roberts 1 United Kingdom
Patrick Seitz 1 United States
Alan Sklar 1 United States
Doug Stone 1 United States
John Swasey 1 United States
Cris Vertido 1 Philippines
David Wills 1 United States
Tom Wyner 1 United States


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1977-1978 Ippei Mine Voltes V Cris Vertido
(eps. 1-35)
P.J. Ramos
(eps. 36-40)
Cliff Harrington Tokyo, Japan
1978 Akira Yamamoto Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato Stephen Apostolina United States
Razela Michael Forest
1978-1979 Akira Yamamoto Space Battleship Yamato II ¿? United States
Razela Frank Pita
1980-1981 Narrator The New Adventures of Gigantor Tom Wyner United States
1980 Pyunma (Cyborg 008) Cyborg 009: The Legend of the Super Galaxy Clay Lowrey Tokyo, Japan
1980 Janus Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned Max Christian United States
1981-1982 Thief Millennia Queen Millennia Catherine Battistone United States
1983-1984 King Bishott Hatt Aura Battler Dunbine Chris Patton United States
1985 Sam The Dagger of Kamui Clay Lowrey Tokyo, Japan
1985 Tōru Nara Odin Michael Morris United Kingdom
1985 Rei Ginsei Vampire Hunter D Kerrigan Mahan United States
Andy McAvin United States
1986 Governor Proud The Humanoid Ward Perry Canada
1986-1989 Pope Ares Saint Seiya Mike Kleinhenz United States
Gemini Saga John Swasey
1987 Rico Black Magic M-66 Beau Billingslea United States
1987-1991 Largo Bubblegum Crisis Pierre Brulator United States
1987 Matti Tohn Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise Bryan Cranston United States
1987 Anthony Boone Tales of Little Women Dave Mallow United States
1988 Lyle Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack Scott McNeil Canada
1989 Priest Cybernetics Guardian Alan Sklar United States
1989-1996 South Supreme Kai (ep. 277) Dragon Ball Z Chris Rager United States
Scott McNeil Canada
1990 Tōma Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku Mike McFarland United States
Doug Rand France
1991 Largo Bubblegum Crash Pierre Brulator United States
Stuart Milligan United Kingdom
1991 Vigaro The Space Adventure Michael McConnohie United States
1992 Android 13 Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! Chuck Huber United States
Doug Rand France
1992-1993 Malachite Sailor Moon Denis Akiyama Canada
Patrick Seitz United States
1992-1995 Suzuki Yu Yu Hakusho Jeremy Inman United States
Gama Christopher Sabat
1993 Gime Battle Angel Alita William Roberts United Kingdom
Bryan Bounds United States
1993-1995 Skalamanga de la Shanty Orguss 02 Steve Blum United States
1996-1997 Dr. Myuu Dragon Ball GT Dave Pettitt Canada
Duncan Brannan United States
Ledgic Ethan Cole Canada
R. Bruce Elliott United States
1997 Torga Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy Christopher Sabat United States
Paul Bandey France
1998 Psycho Mantis Metal Gear Solid Doug Stone United States
Benn Beckman (ep. 4) One Piece Joseph Murray Singapore
Christopher Collet United States
Sean Hennigan United States
Silvers Rayleigh (ep. 8) David Wills United States
Bradford Hutson United States