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Toshikazu Shiozawa (塩沢 敏一 Shiozawa Toshikazu, January 28, 1954 – May 10, 2000), better known by the stage name Kaneto Shiozawa (塩沢 兼人 Shiozawa Kaneto), was a Japanese voice actor from Tokyo. He was affiliated with Aoni Production at the time of his death.

Shiozawa yearned to be a performer since his childhood. He graduated from Nihon University Second Senior High School, where he learned to perform in its art department. He was known for his distinctive cold, calm, sexy aristocratic-sounding voice, which often typecast him as villainous or anti-heroic strategists and intellectuals. His stage name originated from the Japanese director Kaneto Shindō.

On May 9, 2000, at 4:00 pm, Shiozawa fell down the stairway of his home in Shinjuku, Tokyo. At that time, he had no external injuries and insisted that everything was all right, but his condition suddenly changed around 10:00 pm that day. He fell unconscious and was rushed to the Tokyo Medical University Hospital; he died of a cerebral contusion at 12:54 am on May 10. He was 46 years old at the time of his death. Fellow voice actor Hidekatsu Shibata was one of the attendees at his funeral. Shiozawa's ongoing roles were replaced with other voice actors after his death.

Dub Actors

Actor No. of Titles Country
Eric Vale 4 United States
Jerry Jewell 3 United States
Kerrigan Mahan 3 United States
Gregory Snegoff 3 United States
Jay Benedict 2 United Kingdom
Steve Bulen 2 United States
Richard Cansino 2 United States
Paul Dobson 2 Canada
Daniel Flynn 2 United Kingdom
John Gremillion 2 United States
Dave Mallow 2 United States
Andy McAvin 2 United States
Michael McConnohie 2 United States
Vic Mignogna 2 United States
Robert V. Barron 1 United States
Michael Benyaer 1 Canada
Shane Bland 1 Canada
Robert Bockstael 1 Canada
Bryan Bounds 1 United States
Bill Calhoun 1 Japan
Scott Cargle 1 United States
Bradley Carlin 1 United States
Christopher Carroll 1 United States
Ethan Cole 1 Canada
Justin Cook 1 United States
Dan Dietz 1 United States
Richard Dumont 1 Canada
Greg Eagles 1 United States
Ringo Farkas 1 United States
Mark Franklin 1 United States
Dan Green 1 United States
Zach Hanner 1 United States
Chris Hilton 1 Hong Kong
Adam Hunter 1 Canada
Tommy James 1 Canada
Ben Jeffery 1 Canada
Jonathan Keeble 1 United Kingdom
Jason Klassi 1 United States
R. Martin Klein 1 United States
Paul Locklear 1 United States
David Frank Jones 1 United States
Scott McNeil 1 Canada
Matthew Mercer 1 United States
Edwin Neal 1 United States
Daran Norris 1 United States
Chris Patton 1 United States
John Payne 1 Canada
David Logan Rankin 1 United States
Christopher Sabat 1 United States
Kevin Seymour 1 United States
Eric Stuart 1 United States
Bill Timoney 1 United States
Ezra Weisz 1 United States
Tom Wyner 1 United States
Mike Yeager 1 United States


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1979-1980 Captain M'Quve Mobile Suit Gundam Michael Benyaer Canada
1980 Oscar Phelps (ep. 45) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Dave Mallow United States
1980 Godō Shingo Phoenix 2772 Chris Hilton Hong Kong
1981-1982 Aramis Dogtanian & the Three Muskehounds Jason Klassi United States
1981 Detective 2 Frankenstein Robert V. Barron United States
1981 Leonardo Medici Bundol Sengoku Majin Gōshōgun Gregory Snegoff United States
1981 Marlin Reagan Space Warrior Baldios ¿? Tokyo, Japan
1983 Ant #2 Aesop's Fables ¿? United States
1984-1985 Weather Adventures of the Little Koala Richard Dumont Canada
1984 Junobel Kim Birth Kerrigan Mahan United States
Bradley Carlin United States
1984-1987 Rei Fist of the North Star Daran Norris United States
1985 Shingo The Dagger of Kamui Bill Calhoun Tokyo, Japan
1985 Leonardo Medici Bundle Gōshōgun: The Time Étranger Jay Benedict United Kingdom
Dan Green United States
1985-1987 Sir Violet (mind-controlled) Fight!! Iczer-One Christopher Carroll United States
1985 B.D. Megazone 23 - Part I Gregory Snegoff United States
Andy McAvin United States
1985 D Vampire Hunter D Michael McConnohie United States
John Gremillion
United States
1986-1989 Nam Dragon Ball Jerry Jewell United States
Adam Hunter Canada
Sky Dragon (ep. 80) Jerry Jewell United States
Ben Jeffery Canada
1986 Rei Fist of the North Star: The Movie Gregory Snegoff United States
1986 B.D. Megazone 23 - Part II Michael McConnohie United States
Andy McAvin United States
1986-1989 Aries Mu Saint Seiya Shane Bland Canada
Paul Locklear United States
John Gremillion United States
Black Andromeda Chris Patton United States
1987-1991 J.B. Gibson (ep. 4) Bubblegum Crisis Zach Hanner United States
1987-1989 The Bear / Prince (ep. 9) Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics Dave Mallow United States
The Prince (ep. 27) ¿?
1987 Goemon Ishikawa XIII Lupin the 3rd: The Plot of the Fuma Clan Mark Franklin United States
1987 Denjiro (A Tale of Two Robots, Part 3: Foreign Invasion) Robot Carnival Kerrigan Mahan United States
1988-1994 Choki Tateyou Crying Freeman Vic Mignogna United States
1988 Rupa Urusei Yatsura 5: The Final Chapter Mike Yeager United States
1988 Gardok Odama Zillion: Burning Night Steve Bulen United States
1989 Randy Ballback Garaga Ringo Farkas United States
1990-1991 Merrill "Benten" Yanagawa Cyber City Oedo 808 Daniel Flynn United Kingdom
1990-1991 Emperor Neo Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water Dan Dietz United States
1991 Yoichiro Tatsumiya Doomed Megalopolis Jay Benedict United Kingdom
Kerrigan Mahan United States
1991-1995 Narsus The Heroic Legend of Arslan Daniel Flynn United Kingdom
1991 Kirin Ranma ½ the Movie: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China John Payne Canada
1991 Muraki Vampire Wars Jonathan Keeble United Kingdom
1992-2000 Buriburi Zaemon Crayon Shin-chan Justin Cook United States
1992-1993 Phelkis Ellcia Bryan Bounds United States
1993 John Art of Fighting Eric Stuart United States
1993-1994 Hans Ringer Kishin Corps Paul Dobson Canada
1993-1994 Prince Diamond Sailor Moon R Robert Bockstael Canada
Matthew Mercer United States
1994-1995 Berg Katse Gatchaman R. Martin Klein United States
Edwin Neal United States
1994-1995 Umi's Father (ep. 21) Magic Knight Rayearth Ezra Weisz United States
1994 Balrog Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Richard Cansino United States
1995 Street Fighter II V Richard Cansino United States
Vic Mignogna United States
1996 Duke B. Rambert Battle Arena Toshinden Bill Timoney United States
1996-1997 Eis Shenron Dragon Ball GT Tommy James Canada
Jerry Jewell United States
1996 M.D. Krauser M.D. Geist II: Death Force David Logan Rankin United States
1996 Zongi The Vision of Escaflowne Paul Dobson Canada
Christopher Sabat United States
1997-1999 Rudolph Hagen Agent Aika Scott Cargle United States
1997 Inspector Ninzaburou Shiratori Detective Conan: The Time Bombed Skyscraper Eric Vale United States
1997-1998 Tamiya Botaro Ninja Resurrection David Frank Jones United States
1997 Kudo Twilight of the Dark Master Steve Bulen United States
1998 Inspector Ninzaburou Shiratori Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Target Eric Vale United States
1998 Gray Fox Metal Gear Solid Greg Eagles United States
1999 Inspector Ninzaburou Shiratori Detective Conan: The Last Wizard Of The Century Eric Vale United States
1999 Lord Dusanyu (ep. 1) Crest of the Stars Ethan Cole Canada
1999-2000 Devimon Digimon Adventure Tom Wyner United States
1999-2000 Gali (eps. 1-48) Monster Rancher Scott McNeil Canada
2000 Inspector Ninzaburou Shiratori Detective Conan: Captured in Her Eyes Eric Vale United States
2000 Yasutaka Fukuoka Gate Keepers Kevin Seymour United States