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Kōsei Tomita (富田 耕生, Tomita Kōsei, February 4, 1936 – September 27, 2020) was a Japanese actor and voice actor from Tokyo Prefecture who was affiliated with Aoni Production and Production Baobab. He voiced Doraemon in the first half of the original 1973 Doraemon series. He voiced Shunsaku Ban, also known as Mustachio (Higeoyaji) or Daddy Walrus, a character appearing in many of Osamu Tezuka's productions. He was known for dubbing over Ernest Borgnine, Orson Welles, Charles Durning, Burt Young, Lee J. Cobb and many more. He also lent his voice to the Japanese dubbing of Mario (Bob Hoskins) in Super Mario Bros. He received an Achievement Award at the 3rd Seiyu Awards.

He died of a stroke on September 27, 2020, He was 84 years old.

Dub Actors[]

Actor No. of Titles Country
John Hostetter 3 United States
Roy Wolfe 3 United States
Jack Angel 2 United States
Bill Capizzi 2 United States
Mike Reynolds 2 United States
William Saylor 2 Japan
Neil Shee 2 United States
Michael Sorich 2 United States
Lewis Arquette 1 United States
John Baddeley 1 United States
John Boyle 1 France
Cole Brown 1 United States
G. Larry Butler 1 United States
Richard Cansino 1 United States
Peter Cullen 1 United States
Dale Hemmond 1 Japan
A.J. Henderson 1 Canada
Bunker Jenkins 1 United States
Steve Kramer 1 United States
Dan Lorge 1 United States
Jim MacGeorge 1 United States
Mona Marshall 1 United States
Michael McConnohie 1 United States
Scott McNeil 1 Canada
Paul M. Nelson 1 United States
Ray Owens 1 United States
Bob Papenbrook 1 United States
Patrick Pinney 1 United States
Mike Pollock 1 United States
Tony Pope 1 United States
Paul Ross 1 United States
William Ross 1 Japan
Keith Scott 1 Australia
John Paul Shepard 1 United States
Keith Silverstein 1 United States
Robert O. Smith 1 Canada
Peter Spellos 1 United States
Eric Stuart 1 United States
John Swasey 1 United States
Alex Teixeira 1 United States
Jesse Vogel 1 United Kingdom
Orson Welles 1 United States
Jeff Winkless 1 United States
Tom Wyner 1 United States


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1963-1966 Chief Ōtsuka Tetsujin 28-go Ray Owens United States
1968 Hans' Father The World of Hans Christian Andersen Jim MacGeorge United States
1971 Otto Animal Treasure Island ¿? United States
1971-1972 Gantetsu Hammer (ep. 6) Lupin the 3rd ¿? United States
1972-1973 Sneeroff the Puppetmaster Pinocchio: The Series A.J. Henderson Canada
Sneeroff the Carnival Master
1972-1974 Nuke Mazinger Z Paul Ross United States
Mona Marshall (ep. 8)
Doctor Hell William Saylor Japan
Paul Ross United States
Bunker Jenkins (ep. 10)
Patrick Pinney (ep. 33)
1972 Mouse Leader The Three Musketeers in Boots ¿? Canada
1973 Lord Gyata Dematan Croaker Michael McConnohie United States
1973 The Brave Frog Bill Capizzi
1973 The Brave Frog's Greatest Adventure
1973 Puss-Puss Panda's Adventures ¿? United States
1974-1975 General Zurvival Space Battleship Yamato ¿? United States
1974 Halvar Vicky the Viking John Boyle France
1975 Grand Duke Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid Neil Shee Canada
1975-1976 Pete (1st season) Maya the Bee ¿? Canada
¿? South Africa
1977-1980 Olivera Net (ep. 3) Lupin the 3rd Part 2 Michael Sorich United States
Inspector Conaiseau (ep. 18) Steve Kramer
1977-1978 Dr. Oedo Plaentary Robot Danguard Ace William Saylor Japan
1978 Police Commissioner Lupin the 3rd: The Mystery of Mamo William Ross Japan
Jeff Winkless United States
John Baddeley United Kingdom
Richard Cansino United States
1978-1979 Don Hakka Sci-Fi West Saga Starzinger John Hostetter United States
G. Larry Butler United States
1978 Mr. Mogul Thumbelina ¿? United States
1979-1980 Degwin Sodo Zabi Mobile Suit Gundam Eric Schneider Canada
Narrator Ross Douglas
1980 Mr. Dobbins The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ¿? United States
1980-1981 Doctor Zar Astro Boy Paul M. Nelson United States
1980 Chief Ōtsuka New Tetsujin-28 Tom Wyner United States
1981-1982 Emperor Daibazaal Beast King GoLion Jack Angel United States
Narrator Peter Cullen
1981 Pippo The Enchanted Journey Orson Welles United States
1983 Lt. Bob Bragan Golgo 13: The Professional Mike Reynolds United States
1984 Dr. Watson Sherlock Hound Lewis Arquette United States
1986 Mabo Amon Saga J. Robert Spencer United States
1993-1994 Chief of Police New Dominion Tank Police Jesse Vogel United Kingdom
1997 Ansole The Dog of Flanders Bob Papenbrook United States
1997 Shunsaku Ban Jungle Emperor: The Movie Mike Pollock United States
1998-1999 Dr. Baccus (ep. 15) Cowboy Bebop Peter Spellos United States
2000-2001 Chikara Hida Digimon Adventure 02 Dan Lorge United States
2001 Shunsaku Ban Metropolis Tony Pope United States
2001-2002 Doctor Hell Mazinkaiser John Paul Shepard United States
2007 Bucho (ep. 5) El Cazador de la Bruja Cole Brown United States
2007 Amergan Highlander: The Search for Vengeance Scott McNeil Canada
2015 Jirokichi Suzuki Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno Roy Wolfe United States
2016 Dr. Stone (ep. 12) Pokémon Generations Keith Silverstein United States
2015 Jirokichi Suzuki Detective Conan Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small Roy Wolfe United States
2018 Danbei Hayami Cutie Honey Universe John Swasey United States
2019 Jirokichi Suzuki Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire Roy Wolfe United States