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Justin Bradley (born September 8, 1985) is a Canadian actor.


Born in Montreal, Quebec, Bradley started his career at the age of six, modelling on various department store advertisements. Bradley also appeared in commercials for McDonald's, Danone and Canadian Tire as a child. Best known for voice overs, he did the voice over of the main character in the children's animation, Arthur (in which he voiced the main character in 2001), voiced Tommy in the English dub of the Italian animated TV series Tommy & Oscar, supplied the voice of Manny Escobar in Fred's Head and provided the voice of Charley Bones (a.k.a. Zapman) in the children's animation, Mona the Vampire. He also played a recurring character in the short-lived CW drama The Beautiful Life.

He also appeared on camera on such films and programs as Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Dead at 17, Lassie, Who Gets the House?, Kart Racer, Waking the Dead, Mental Block, Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension, Eternal, One Eyed King, Redeemable in Merchandise, and Warm Bodies.

He also did the voice of Eddie in the HBO children's cartoon TV series The Little Lulu Show, Jesse McCoy in the second season of The Kids from Room 402, Raffi in the animated series My Life Me and the boy in the animated film Eye of the Wolf as well as several additional characters in Delilah & Julius, A Miss Mallard Mystery, For Better or For Worse, The Country Mouse & the City Mouse Adventures, Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings, Rotten Ralph and Caillou.

He also co-starred in the children's television series Naturally, Sadie as Hal, Sadie's brother.


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