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Junko Iwao (岩男 潤子, Iwao Junko, born February 18, 1970 in Beppu, Ōita) is a Japanese voice actress and singer. Her most notable role is in Cardcaptor Sakura, providing the voice to Sakura's best friend and cousin, Tomoyo Daidōji. She also voiced lead character Mima Kirigoe in Perfect Blue, Ceres in Ceres, Celestial Legend, and Kikyo in Hunter x Hunter (2011). In video games, she voiced Pai Chan in Virtua Fighter, Carole Pepper in Honkai Impact 3rd, Mint in Tales of Phantasia and Serika in To Heart.

Dub Actors[]

Actor No. of Titles Country
Karen Strassman 6 United States
Michelle Ruff 3 United States
Kimberly Yates 3 United States
Maggie Blue O'Hara 2 Canada
Abby Trott 2 United States
Carol Amerson 1 United States
Leah Clark 1 United States
Colleen Clinkenbeard 1 United States
Dorothy Elias-Fahn 1 United States
Elaine Flores 1 United States
Sarah Hauser 1 Hong Kong
Junie Hoang 1 United States
Bridget Hoffman 1 United States
Natalie Hoover 1 United States
Carol Jacobanis 1 United States
Wendee Lee 1 United States
Julie Maddalena 1 United States
Mona Marshall 1 United States
Jillian Michaels 1 Canada
Larissa Murray 1 United Kingdom
Debora Rabbai 1 United States
Monica Rial 1 United States
Suzanne Savoy 1 United States
Traci Shannon 1 United States
Shawn Sides 1 United States
Mariette Sluyter 1 Canada
Claudia Thompson 1 Hong Kong
Natalie Van Sistine 1 United States


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1995-1996 Employee B Golden Boy Traci Shannon United States
1995-1996 Hikari Horaki Neon Genesis Evangelion Carol Amerson United States
Abby Trott United States
1995 Tua Princess Minerva Junie Hoang United States
1995-1996 Kyoko Saint Tail Mona Marshall United States
1996 Rumiko Garzey's Wing Suzanne Savoy United States
1996-1998 Itsuko Katsu Rurouni Kenshin ¿? United States
Karen Strassman United States
1996 Kotori Monou X Larissa Murray United Kingdom
1997 Hikaru Amagi Hyper Speed GranDoll Debora Rabbai United States
1997 Hikari Horaki Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth Kimberly Yates United States
Abby Trott United States
1997 Mima Kirigoe Perfect Blue Bridget Hoffman United States
1997 Mayuka Tenchi Muyo! The Daughter of Darkness Julie Maddalena United States
1997-1998 Ruri Sone (ep. 20) Vampire Princess Miyu Wendee Lee United States
1998-2000 Tomoyo Daidōji Cardcaptor Sakura Maggie Blue O'Hara Canada
Sarah Hauser (first voice) Hong Kong
Claudia Thompson (second voice)
1998-1999 Jun Fudou Devil Lady Shawn Sides United States
1999 Sakura Akamatsu Betterman Mariette Sluyter Canada
1999 Tomoyo Daidōji Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie Maggie Blue O'Hara Canada
1999-2000 Sakuya Lansaihe Meltylancer: The Animation Jillian Michaels Canada
1999 Serika Kurusugawa To Heart Carol Jacobanis United States
2000 Tomoyo Daidōji Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie 2: The Sealed Card Michelle Ruff United States
2000 Leave it to Kero! United States
2004-2006 Mint Adenade Tales of Phantasia: The Animation Karen Strassman United States
2005-2006 Setsu (ep. 14) Mushi-Shi Colleen Clinkenbeard United States
2006 Mia Welcome to the N.H.K. Monica Rial United States
2007 Minami Iwasaki's Mother Lucky☆Star Dorothy Elias-Fahn United States
2009 Hikari Horaki Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Leah Clark United States
Kimberly Yates United States
2011-2014 Kikyo Zoldyck Hunter x Hunter Michelle Ruff United States
2011 Kazuko Saotome Puella Magi Madoka Magica Karen Strassman United States
2012 Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: Beginnings United States
2012 Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 2: Eternal United States
2013-2023 Lisa Braus Attack on Titan Natalie Van Sistine United States
2013 Kazuko Saotome Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 3: Rebellion Karen Strassman United States
2017 Hisae Onihei Elaine Flores United States
2018 Tomoyo Daidōji Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Natalie Hoover United States
2021 Hikari Horaki Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time Kimberly Yates United States