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Jonathan Todd Ross (born May 30, 1978) is an American voice actor, audiobook narrator, director and writer. He is known for providing voices on properties for 4Kids Entertainment, Central Park Media, Media Blasters, as well as audiobooks. He is also credited as Todd Garbeil. Jonathan is best known as the voice of Marik Ishtar and Yami Marik in the highly acclaimed Yu-Gi-Oh! series, and Slade Princeton from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.


Animation Dubbing

Animated Series

  • Winx Club (2004-present) - Additional Voices (4Kids Dub)

Anime Dubbing


  • One Piece (1999-present) - Kohza, Additional Voices (4Kids Dub)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! (2000-2004) - Marik Ishtar, Yami Marik, Strings
  • Shaman King (2001-2002) - Kalim, Zinc
  • Pokémon Advanced Generation (2002-2006) - Tommy (ep. 32), Robin (ep. 124)
  • Sonic X (2003-2006) - Red Pine, Guard A (ep. 35)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (2004-2008) - Slade Princeton
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (2008-2011) - Additional Voices
  • Pokémon XY (2013-2016) - Announcer (ep. 77), Trainer #B (ep. 77), Weston (ep. 80), Guy #B (ep. 80), Referee (ep. 80), Additional Voices
  • Shaman King (2021-present) - Kalim, Additional Voices

OVAs & Specials

Anime Films

Video Game Dubbing


  • Since 2011, Jonathan Todd Ross has stopped appearing regularly in anime dubs, in favor of doing voicework as an Audiobook Narrator and becoming a Filmmaker as both a writer and director respectively.

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