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Jonathan Bailey Crumpton (born March 3, 1979 in Memphis, Mississippi, USA) is an American voice actor, trailer announcer and YouTuber.


Professional voice actor since 2009 in 3,000+ trailers, promos, ads, video games, animation, toys, reality shows, documentaries, ADR soundalikes, sizzle reels & digital media. Notable roles include Transformers: Combiner Wars, XCOM, Dishonored 2, Halo Wars 2, Graveyard Carz, Clone Wars & the Emmy-nominated Honest Trailers. Best known as Epic Voice Guy, he is also a social media content creator on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

He has been a professional voice actor since February 2008. He has been the voice of toys, commercials, video game characters, a documentary, an audio book, dozens of ADR voice matches for celebrities and characters as well as over 100 movie trailers and a writer/editor/producer of web content. He is the voice of Honest Trailers. Originally inspired by the voice of Optimus Prime - Peter Cullen - when he was 5 years old and motivated by his wife in his 20's, he transitioned from working in food service and forklift operation to becoming a full-time professional voiceover artist within 2 years of his first professional audition. Jon aspires to be a recurring character in an animated series.


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