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John Stocker (born October 18, 1950) is a Canadian voice actor. His career in voice acting began in the 1970s.


In 1975, he joined a comedy troupe called the Zoo Factory, whose members consisted of Dan Hennessey, Bruce Gordon, Harriet Cohen and Jerelyn Craden.

On television, Stocker played the voice of Beastly, the clumsy and frantic but smart villain on the Nelvana version of the Care Bears television series The Care Bears.

He and Zoo Factory alumnus Dan Hennessey appeared as Thomson and Thompson on The Adventures of Tintin.

In the film industry, he voiced the Cheshire Cat, as well as The Wizard's assistant Dim, in 1987's The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland, and he played a character named Sol in 1993's Look Who's Talking Now.

He was also the voice director on BeybladeMedabotsPandalian, Sailor Moon, The Amazing Spiez!Animated Tales of the WorldTotally Spies!Plop!, Mona the VampireThe GoalZeromanStrawberry Cafe, The Busy World of Richard ScarryThe Adventures of Chuck and FriendsThe Magic Hockey Skates, and Redakai: Conquer the Kairu, among many others.

Stocker is one of the few voice actors to appear in all three of the Super Mario Bros. animated series with one of the characters that he had voiced being Toad. He has also done voices for many video games including Jagged Alliance 2Naruto: Rise of a NinjaHype: The Time QuestSpawn: In the Demon's HandSplinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Silent Storm.


Animation Dubbing

Animated Series

  • Donkey Kong Country (1996-2000) - Kutlass
  • Tom and Vicky (1997-1998) - Additional Voices
  • Jim Button (1998-1999) - Additional Voices
  • Mona the Vampire (1999-2003) - Mayor Rosenbaum
  • Wunschpunsch (2000) - Additional Voices
  • Totally Spies! (2001-2013) - Additional Voices
  • The New Adventures of Lucky Luke (2002) - Joe Dalton, General Custer, Chinese Laborer (ep. 1), Old Chinese Man (ep. 1), Herb (ep. 1), Mayor (ep. 1, 31), Tsar Alexander II (ep. 2), Soldier (ep. 3, 10, 31), Bank Teller (ep. 4), Man (ep. 5), Cowboy (ep. 5, 17, 20, 22, 24, 37, 43), Jack (ep. 5), Valet (ep. 7), Governor (ep. 7), Mayor's Assistant (ep. 8), Baron Baldwin von Flaps (ep. 10), Old Man (ep. 10), Printer (ep. 11), Bernie (ep. 12), Official (ep. 12), Passenger (ep. 13), Buffalo Bill (ep. 14), Fluffy Squirrel (ep. 14), Guard (ep. 15), Prisoner (ep. 15), Salesman (ep. 16), Vulture (ep. 18), Prospector (ep. 20), Bernie (ep. 20), Old Timer (ep. 21), Snake Oil (ep. 21), Indian (ep. 22, 24, 26, 30, 47), Sheriff (ep. 22, 43-44), Commodore (ep. 23), Sancho (ep. 24), Ulysses S. Grant (ep. 25), Ganache (ep. 25), Sheriff Scarecrow (ep. 26), Smith (ep. 31), Undersecretary (ep. 32), Norman (ep. 33), Stagecoach Passenger (ep. 33), Fenimore Smith (ep. 33), Guard (ep. 33), Indian Chief (ep. 36), Wily Weasel (ep. 37), Al (ep. 37), Butler (ep. 38), Horace Twinface (ep. 39), Trapper (ep. 42), Assassin (ep. 46), I.M. Batty (ep. 47-48), Meredith (ep. 50), Barney Spittoon (ep. 51), Senator (ep. 52)
  • Kaput and Zösky (2003) - Alien (ep. 1a), Would-Be Conqueror (ep. 1b), The Great Ghandizen (ep. 1b), Gardener (ep. 1c), Assistant (ep. 1c), Krutchian Child (ep. 2a), Queen (ep. 2b), King (ep. 2c), Program Director (ep. 3a), Executive (ep. 3a), King Pan (ep. 3b), Donkey (ep. 3c), Heads (ep. 4a), Alien (ep. 4b), Union Representative (ep. 4c), Executive (ep. 4c), Regis (ep. 5a), Vampire (ep. 5b), Salesman (ep. 5c), Conqueror (ep. 5c), Bebop Bootlicker (ep. 6a), Citizen (ep. 6a), Alien (ep. 6b), Yabon (ep. 6c), The Great Augusto (ep. 6c), Puny (ep. 7a), D.J. (ep. 7b), General Harlan T. Blocker (ep. 7c), Mr. Tandori (ep. 8a), Alien (ep. 8b), Doctor (ep. 8c), King (ep. 8c), King (ep. 9a), Zububu's Brother (ep. 9c), Alien (ep. 10a), Adviser (ep. 10b), King (ep. 10b), Snowman (ep. 10c), Head Guard (ep. 11a), Cartoonist (ep. 11b), Alien (ep. 11c), King (ep. 12a), Treasure Hunt (ep. 12b), Byurk Chief (ep. 12c, 26a), Cuckoozian (ep. 13a, 21c), Orderly (ep. 13a, 21c), Contestant (ep. 13c), Announcer (ep. 13b), Glutamate (ep. 14a), Alien (ep. 14b), Roger (ep. 14c), Waiter (ep. 15a), Albert Glotz (ep. 15a), Repairman (ep. 15c), Alien (ep. 16a), Damien's Father (ep. 16b), Alien (ep. 16c), Alien Father (ep. 17a), Musician (ep. 17b), Magician (ep. 17c), Boudini (ep. 17c), Bug (ep. 18a), Farmer (ep. 18a), Ghost (ep. 18b), Circus Boss (ep. 18c), Robinson Hood (ep. 19a), Alien (ep. 19b), Guard (ep. 19b), King (ep. 19b), Doctor (ep. 19c), Exam Supervisor (ep. 20b), Child (ep. 20c), Jobi-Joban (ep. 21a), Ichabob the Liberator (ep. 22a), King (ep. 22b), Movie Executive (ep. 22c), Mayor (ep. 22c), Rocco Cardamone (ep. 23a), Newscaster (ep. 23b), Mr. Big (ep. 23b), Worshiping Aliens (ep. 23c), The Big Guy (ep. 23c), Alien (ep. 24a), Scalper (ep. 24a), Joker (ep. 24a), Taxi Driver (ep. 24b), Hippie (ep. 24c), Dr. Smeculoid (ep. 25a), Alien (ep. 25b), Guard (ep. 25b), Jay Retro (ep. 25c), Crazy Joe (ep. 25c), Prisoner (ep. 26b), Marvin the Enchanter (ep. 26b), Robot (ep. 26c)
  • Redakai: Conquer the Kairu (2011-2012) - Additional Voices
  • Squish (2019-2020) - Mr. Rotifer, Additional Voices

Animated Films

Anime Dubbing


  • Hello Kitty and Friends (1989-1994) - Dwarf, Cheshire Cat
  • Sailor Moon (1992-1993) - Radio Producer (ep. 3), Fitness Instructor (ep. 4), Additional Voices (DiC Dub)
  • Sailor Moon R (1993-1994) - Malachite (ep. 82), Additional Voices (DiC Dub)
  • Sailor Moon S (1994-1995) - Raye's Grandpa (CWi Dub)
  • Beyblade (2001-2003) - Taro Tate, Male Guest #2 (ep. 7), Male Flight Attendant #2 (ep. 8), Pilot (ep. 8), Teen A (ep. 8), Peasant (ep. 12), Lee's Grandfather (ep. 13), Man in Crowd (ep. 19), Boy Blader #2 (ep. 20), Driver (ep. 21), Secret Service (ep. 22), Typhoon (ep. 22), Mustache Guy (ep. 30), Bellhop (ep. 31), Dock Worker (ep. 31), Cook #2 (ep. 34), Crowd #3 (ep. 34), News Stand Attendant (ep. 34), Tourist #2 (ep. 34), Old Man (ep. 35), Russian Coach (ep. 40), Train Station Announcer (ep. 40), Shaydes (ep. 45), TV Announcer (ep. 52), Reporter #3 (ep. 53), V.O. Announcer (ep. 77), Shopkeeper (ep. 82), Man A (ep. 131), Police Officer (ep. 131), Crook 2 (ep. 132), Young Cop (ep. 132)
  • Bakugan: Battle Brawlers (2007-2008) - Naga, Nobilion (ep. 43), Additional Voices
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia (2009-2010) - King Zenoheld, Additional Voices

Anime Films

Voice Director

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