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John Baddeley (born July 16, 1933) is a British actor and voice actor.


Apart from his work in the theatre in the provinces and the West End, he is also notable for his work with the BBC and as voice-over artist. Credits include Top Hat and Zip in TUGS, his narration work as Winston Churchill in a 2003 documentary series, and for roles in shows such as Z-Cars, Doctor at Large and in Shakespeare: The Animated Tales. He has also worked as a voice coach and director for the Teddington Theatre Club. His autobiography Double Take was published in 2009.

John is an active member of the Stage Golf Society.


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  • Star Fleet (1980-1981) - P.P.A., Number Two, Termoid Soldiers (eps. 1-3), EDF Officer 2 (ep. 2), Imperial Officer 1 (eps. 22-24)


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