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Jin Jin & the Panda Patrol (熊猫京京 Xiongmao Jin Jin) is a 1994 Chinese-American animated series co-produced by Saban Entertainment and Beijing Golden Panda Animation Company. While Saban helped produce the series, most of the work was done in China. The show never aired in the US but saw some airtime internationally.


Jin Jin, a little panda, tries to find a new home for the pandas when their old home is destroyed, while evading the evil Dr. Mania, who wants to find the secret of Jin Jin's Panda Power.


Character Dub Actor
Jin Jin Barbara Goodson
Dr. Mania Michael Sorich
Benji ¿?
Rudy Redbone Michael Sorich
Squawk Dave Mallow
Grimster Steve Bulen
Hopper Michael McConnohie
Narrator Steve Kramer

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