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James Christian Hibbert (born July 15, 1955) is a British voice actor and writer. He is known for Count Duckula, The BFG, Noddy's Toyland Adventures, Frankenstein's Cat, and Little Red Tractor.


Hibbert got his first voice acting role for the Milk Marketing Board, doing an impression of Ian Dury. As well as voice acting for animation, he has made a few on-screen acting appearances on British TV programs and films such as Coronation Street, What the Papers Say, Cold Feet, The Grand, Medics, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Prime Suspect, Children's Ward, Wipe Out, Floodtide, Room at the Bottom, The Practice, Teach Yourself Gibberish and Bloody Kids.


Animation Dubbing

Animated Series

  • The Magic Roundabout (1963-1971) - Narrator (2000's Redub)
  • Little Robots (2003) - Messy, Flappy (US Dub)
  • Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (2005-2008) - Taury (UK Dub)
  • Wakfu (2008-present) - Rushu, Anathar (ep. 46), Remington's Shushus (eps. 28-29, 35), Wall Shushus (ep. 28), Bourlof the Butcher (ep. 29), Old Fisherman (eps. 30, 40), Riglesse (eps. 33-34), Brigands (eps. 33-34), Tendynite (eps. 36-38), Mr. Kervassin (ep. 36), Oubi (ep. 36), Axe Seller (ep. 36), Hawker (ep. 36), Renter (ep. 36), Leol'Brak (eps. 37-38), Guard (ep. 38), Marie Jean (ep. 40), Kamaroti (ep. 40), Wa Wabbit (ep. 41), Angry Thug (ep. 45), Parrot (ep. 45), Additional Voices
  • Zou (2012-2015) - Grandpa (UK Dub)
  • Dofus: Kerub's Bazaar (2013-2014) - Kerub Crepin, Young Kanigroo, Friends (ep. 5), Croupier 2 (ep. 29), Voice Over (ep. 32)
  • Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019-present) - Male Vikings (eps. 14-15, 20), Viking (eps. 18-19) (UK Dub)

Animated Shorts

Animated Specials

Animated Films


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