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Jessica Calvello (born August 8, 1973 in Webster, Texas, U.S.) is an American voice actress primarily known for her anime voiceover work, particularly with 4Kids Entertainment, ADV Films, Central Park Media, FUNimation Entertainment, Media Blasters and Seraphim Digital.


Calvello has a BFA in acting from Southwest Texas State University, and was a company member of the Emerging Artists Theatre. She has also performed as a stage actress in several productions, including an Off-Off Broadway production of The Glass Mendacity.

Some of her more well known roles are Excel in Excel Saga, Nanael in Queen's Blade, Kanako Miyamae in Maria†Holic, Zoë Hange in Attack on Titan and Honey Kisaragi in New Cutey Honey, which she was personally cast by the creator of the Cutey Honey franchise, Go Nagai. Jessica says that in all of her years of working in the industry, this is her most cherished and honored accomplishment.


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