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Jane Woods (born c. 1950) is an American-Canadian actress and author.


She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and her family moved to Montreal when she was twelve. She's a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, and spent her twenties working in Canadian regional theatre, most notably at Ottawa's National Arts Centre, playing Rebecca in James Reaney's The Killdeer. She settled in Montreal, and completed a BFA degree in Integrative Music Studies at Concordia University. She sang for two years with the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, while also building a career as a voice actress.

She was the second voice of Little Lulu on The Little Lulu Show, and of the zany grandma Yaya on Wimzie's House. She began translating and adapting French-language films and television series to be dubbed into English. Among them were the highly acclaimed series Blanche, starring Pascale Bussières, and Omertà, with Michel Coté. Now, she lives in Toronto, writing The Walking Tanteek.


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