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James Blight (born January 19, 1976) is a Canadian voice actor based in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Blight was born in 1976 in Richmond, British Columbia. He attended Vancouver Film School in 2003 for voice acting and started his career by winning a radio contest in 2003 with an impression of Gollum / Sméagol from The Lord of the Rings. A natural bass/baritone, his vocal repertoire includes impressions and accents in addition to the character voices he creates for his various voice over roles. James has voiced projects for BC Hydro, BC Transmission Corporation, ICBC, McDonalds, Party City, Pokémon, Work Right Alberta, City of Prince George, Ocean Fisheries, Great Basin Gold, and many more.

Blight has voiced numerous characters in video games and cartoons, including Rodrigo Velasquez in Backstab and The Hulk in Marvel Superhero Adventures.

In addition to voice acting, James is an accomplished bassist and vocalist.


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