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Jelly T (Danish: Gummi T), also released as Ivan the Incredible,[1] is a 2012 Danish 3D computer-animated comedy film directed by Michael Hegner from a screenplay by Michael W. Horsten, based on the 1975 children's book Gummi-Tarzan by Ole Lund Kirkegaard.[2][3] It is the second film in a trilogy of computer-animated films based on children's books by Kirkegaard, following Freddy Frogface (2011) and preceding Otto the Rhino (2013).[4] Produced by Crone Film, Jelly T was released in Danish theatres on 16 May 2012.[2][5]


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Ivan "Jelly Tarzan" Olsen Thure Lindhardt Marcus Lamb
Ivan's father Nicolaj Kopernikus Paul Tyak
The Witch Karen-Lise Mynster Vivenne McKee
Mrs Sorensen Birthe Neumann Tina Robinson
Lottie Signe Egholm Olsen Nicola Coughlan
Carsten Jens Andersen Bennet Thorpe
The Butcher (Kim’s dad) Bjarne Henriksen David Bateson
Mr. Spencer (Principal) Esben Pretzmann Scott Farell
Kim Cecilie Stenspil Mary Murray
The Teacher David Bateson David Bateson
Angry Fisherman David Bateson David Bateson