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Impy's Island (Urmel aus dem Eis) is a 2006 German computer-animated feature film based on the children's novel Urmel from the Ice Age by Max Kruse.


On a magical tropical island called Tikiwoo in the 1950s, a fun-loving group of misfit animals and people make a marvelous discovery: a baby dinosaur frozen since prehistoric times. Little Impy, as they call him, is loving his new family and ready to explore the strange new world. But when a king from a faraway country vows to capture the lovable baby dino for his private collection, all the inhabitants of Impy's island must join together to save their new friend.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Impy Domenic Redl Lisa Ortiz
Ping Stefan Krause Meredith Zeitlin
Shoe Oliver Pocher Maddie Blaustein
King Pumponell Klaus Sonnenschein Sean Schemmel
Peg Anke Engelke Charlotte Mahoney
Sami Florian Halm Pete Bowlan
Professor Horatio Tibberton Wigald Boning Michael Sinterniklaas
Monty Frank Schaff James Carter Cathcart
Dr. Zonderburgh Christoph Maria Herbst ¿?
Tim Kevin Iannotta P.J. Battisti, Jr.
Solomon Wolfgang Völz J. David Brimmer


  • The voice actor for Dr. Zonderburgh is unknown as he's credited under the pseudonym name Alan Smithee rather than his actual name.

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Image Entertainment 2008 DVD.jpg 1
United States United States

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