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Ichirō Nagai (永井 一郎 Nagai Ichirō, May 10, 1931 – January 27, 2014) was a Japanese voice actor from Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture. With over 40 years of voice work under his belt, Nagai was a veteran seiyuu along the likes of Chikao Ōtsuka, Takeshi Aono and Kenji Utsumi.

Some of his most notable works include the Narrator in Mobile Suit Gundam, Dyce in Future Boy Conan, Mito in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, General Muoro in Laputa: The Castle in the Sky, Cherry in Urusei Yatsura, Korin in the Dragon Ball franchise, Happosai in Ranma ½ and Dr. Nanba in Pokémon.

He was previously affiliated by Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society, and was affiliated with Aoni Production at the time of his death.

On January 27, 2014, while recording narration for a program in Hiroshima, Nagai suffered a heart attack and was later found by a hotel employee. He was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead; Nagai was 82 years old at the time of his death. His ongoing role as Isaac Netero in Hunter x Hunter was passed on to Banjō Ginga.

Dub Actors

Actor No. of Titles Country
Paul Dobson 9 Canada
Mike Reynolds 8 United States
Eric Paisley 6 United States
Christopher Sabat 6 United States
Michael Sorich 5 United States
James Carter Cathcart 4 United States
Dave Mallow 4 United States
Robert Axelrod 3 United States
Bill Capizzi 3 United States
Robert Costanzo 3 United States
Simon Prescott 3 United States
Paul Bandey 2 France
Mark Britten 2 United States
Chuck Huber 2 United States
Steve Kramer 2 United States
Ted Lehmann 2 United States
George Little 2 United Kingdom
Frank Pita 2 United States
Gordon Ramsey 2 United States
Gregory Snegoff 2 United States
Paul St. Peter 2 United States
John Snyder 2 United States
Clifton Wells 2 United States
Jeff Winkless 2 United States
Troy Baker 1 United States
Sean Barrett 1 United Kingdom
Steve Blum 1 United States
Corey Burton 1 United States
Ted Cole 1 Canada
Jim Cummings 1 United States
Joey D'Auria 1 United States
Ross Douglas 1 Canada
Tom Fahn 1 United States
Dan Green 1 United States
Mark Harbor 1 United States
A.J. Henderson 1 Canada
Jay Hickman 1 United States
Milton James 1 United States
R. Martin Klein 1 United States
Victor Lee 1 Hong Kong
Sharon Mann 1 France
Andy McAvin 1 United States
Michael McConnohie 1 United States
Paul Nelson 1 United States
Richard Nieskens 1 Japan
Edward James Olmos 1 United States
James Phillips 1 United States
Simon Prescott 1 United States
Jan Rabson 1 United States
David Logan Rankin 1 United States
Roger Rhodes 1 Canada
Clark Robertson 1 Canada
Larry Robinson 1 United States
Dick Rodstein 1 United States
Eric Schneider 1 Canada
Neil Shee 1 Canada
Jimmy Slaughter 1 United States
Hal Smith 1 United States
James Stephens 1 United States
Doug Stone 1 United States
John Swasey 1 United States
Jesse Vogel 1 United Kingdom
Michael S. Way 1 United States
Mike Worman 1 Japan
Greg Zerkle 1 United States


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1971 Pirate Chairman Animal Treasure Island ¿? United States
1973 Puss-Puss Panda's Adventures ¿? United States
1974-1975 Hikozaemon
Space Battleship Yamato Gordon Ramsey United States
Dr. Sakezo Sado Frank Pita
1975 Whistler Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid ¿? Canada
1975-1976 Flip Maya the Bee A.J. Henderson Canada
1977-1980 Kräusen Genhart (ep. 3) Lupin the 3rd Part II Michael Sorich United States
Inspector Pepper (ep. 47) Tom Fahn
1978-1979 Hikozaemon
Space Battleship Yamato II Gordon Ramsey United States
Dr. Sakezo Sado Frank Pita
1978 Hikozaemon
Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato Clifton Wells United States
Dr. Sakezo Sado Robert Axelrod
1978 Frog Father Thumbelina ¿? United States
1979 Dororon The Adventures of Manxmouse Dave Mallow United States
1979 Jodo Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro Jeff Winkless United States
Milton James United States
1979-1980 Degwin Sodo Zabi Mobile Suit Gundam Eric Schneider Canada
Narrator Ross Douglas
1980 Mr. Dobbins The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ¿? United States
1980-1981 Inspector Gumshoe Astro Boy Paul Nelson United States
Hamegg (eps. 2-3) Greg Zerkle
1980 Dr. Cosmos Cyborg 009: The Legend of the Super Galaxy Mike Worman Tokyo, Japan
1980 Narrator Don Quixote in the Tales of La Mancha Robert Axelrod United States
1980 Mr. Lawrence Little Women Mike Reynolds United States
1980-1981 Dr. Sakezo Sado Space Battleship Yamato III ¿? United States
1980 Professor Twelve Months ¿? United States
1981 Gods The Fantastic Adventures of Unico Jan Rabson United States
1981 Grandfather Frankenstein Frankenstein Mike Reynolds United States
1981 Degwin Sodo Zabi Mobile Suit Gundam I Simon Prescott United States
Narration Dave Mallow
1981 Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow Dave Mallow United States
1981-1982 Professor Amamori Queen Millennia Bill Capizzi United States
1981 Captain Morton The Swiss Family Robinson Michael Sorich United States
1981-1986 Sakuramboo
Urusei Yatsura Eric Paisley United States
Sean Barrett United Kingdom
¿? Hong Kong
1982 Degwin Sodo Zabi Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounter in Space Simon Prescott United States
Narration Dave Mallow
1983 Grasshopper Aesop's Fables ¿? United States
1983 Inspector Dix Around the World with Willy Fog Gregory Snegoff United States
1983 Azuki-Arai Rain Boy ¿? Tokyo, Japan
1983 Melvin the Magnificat Unico in the Island of Magic Michael Sorich United States
1983 Cherry Urusei Yatsura: Only You Eric Paisley United States
1984 Bao Luzen Birth Gregory Snegoff United States
James Phillips United States
1984 Mentor Lensman: Power of The Lens Tom Wyner United States
1984 Mito Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Hal Smith United States
Edward James Olmos United States
1984 Cherry Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer Larry Robinson United States
1985 Andō Shōzan The Dagger of Kamui Richard Nieskens Japan
1985 D's Left Hand Vampire Hunter D Michael McConnohie United States
Andy McAvin United States
1985 Cherry Urusei Yatsura 3: Remember My Love Eric Paisley United States
1986 General Shogun Muoro Laputa: The Castle in the Sky Mike Reynolds United States
Jim Cummings United States
1986-1989 Korin Dragon Ball Christopher Sabat United States
Roger Rhodes Canada
Master Tsuru Chuck Huber United States
Clark Robertson Canada
1986 Piralu Windaria Jeff Winkless
(first half)
United States
Bill Capizzi
(second half)
1986 Cherry Urusei Yatsura 4: Lum the Forever Eric Paisley United States
1986-1987 The Cowardly Lion The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Neil Shee Canada
1987 Professor Matthews Black Magic M-66 Steve Blum United States
1987-1989 Puss in Boots (eps. 7-8) Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics Steve Kramer United States
Evil Gnome (ep. 9) Simon Prescott
Sunday (eps. 11-13) Clifton Wells
Old Woodsman (ep. 15) Michael Sorich
Old Wolf (ep. 19) Mike Reynolds
The King (eps. 23-24)
The Wolf (ep. 32) Steve Kramer
Father (ep. 37) ¿?
Rumpelstiltskin (ep. 45) Bill Capizzi
1987 Giuseppi Mayart Wicked City Mike Reynolds United States
George Little United Kingdom
1988-1994 Master Naitai (ep. 4) Crying Freeman Mike Reynolds United States
1988 Master Rai Demon City Shinjuku George Little United Kingdom
1988-1989 Chief of Police Dominion Tank Police Jesse Vogel United Kingdom
1988 Korin Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure Ted Lehmann United States
Mark Britten United States
Sharon Mann France
Master Tsuru Robert Axelrod United States
Chuck Huber United States
Paul Bandey France
1988 Cherry Urusei Yatsura 5: The Final Chapter Eric Paisley United States
1989 Kasuminome Baoh: The Visitor Michael S. Way United States
1989-1996 Korin
(eps. 26-192)
Dragon Ball Z Paul Dobson
(eps. 26-38)
Ted Cole
(eps. 137-285)
Christopher Sabat
(eps. 26-36)
United States
Mark Britten
(eps. 109-192)
Sui (ep. 45) Paul Dobson Canada
Mark Harbor United States
1989-1990 Fujioka (ep. 22) Patlabor: The Mobile Police Dan Green United States
1989-1992 Happosai Ranma ½ Paul Dobson Canada
Victor Lee Hong Kong
1990-1991 Narrator Record of Lodoss War Dick Rodstein United States
1991 Takeda Burn-Up Jimmy Slaughter United States
1991 Korin Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge Christopher Sabat United States
Paul Bandey France
1991 Cherry Urusei Yatsura 6: Always My Darling Eric Paisley United States
1991 Happosai Ranma ½ the Movie: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China Paul Dobson Canada
1992 Ranma ½ the Movie 2: Nihao, My Concubine Canada
1993 Hiraga Gennai Mask of Zeguy David Logan Rankin United States
1993 Doujin Ninja Scroll Doug Stone United States
1993 Happosai Ranma ½: Desperately Seeking Shampoo Paul Dobson Canada
1994 Ranma ½: Like Water for Ranma Canada
1994 Ranma ½: Akane & Her Sisters Canada
1995 Henogee Catnapped! Michael Sorich United States
1995 Happosai Ranma ½: Faster Kasumi! Kill! Kill! Paul Dobson Canada
1996-1999 Jidan Nickard Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team R. Martin Klein United States
1997-2002 Dr. Namba Pokémon James Carter Cathcart United States
1998 Professor Shimaoka DNA Sights 999.9 Mike Reynolds United States
1998-2003 Dr. Namba Pokémon Chronicles James Carter Cathcart United States
2000-2002 Ginpachi Nekota Fighting Spirit Joey D'Auria United States
2001 Hohsui Kisaragi Detective Conan: Countdown to Heaven James Stephens United States
2001-2002 Reverend Fuuten Kikaider 01: The Animation Simon Prescott United States
2002-2006 Dr. Namba Pokémon Advanced Generation James Carter Cathcart United States
2002 Philoctetes Kingdom Hearts Robert Costanzo United States
2002 Jamji A Tree of Palme Jay Hickman United States
2004-2005 Dr. Reichwein Monster Paul St. Peter United States
2006 Korin Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Christopher Sabat United States
2006 Philoctetes Kingdom Hearts II Robert Costanzo United States
2006-2010 Dr. Namba Pokémon Diamond & Pearl James Carter Cathcart United States
2009-2011 Korin Dragon Ball Z Kai Christopher Sabat United States
2009 Mansuke Jinnouchi Summer Wars John Swasey United States
2010 Grumpy Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Corey Burton United States
Philoctetes Robert Costanzo
2010-2014 Syam Vist Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Troy Baker (ep. 1) United States
Paul St. Peter (ep. 7)
2011-2014 Isaac Netero
(eps. 6-114)
Hunter x Hunter John Snyder United States
2013 Isaac Netero Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission John Snyder United States
2014-2015 Korin Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters Christopher Sabat United States