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IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix (IGPX インモータル・グランプリ Ai Jī Pī Ekkusu Inmōtaru Guranpuri) is a 5-episode anime microseries produced by Production I.G and Bee Train. This microseries would serve as the pilot for the 2005 anime series of the same name.


Image Character Dub Actor
Takeshi Noa.png Takeshi Noa Joshua Seth
Liz.png Liz Kari Wahlgren
Amy.png Amy Sandy Fox
U-Matsu.png U-Matsu Kirk Thornton
Luca.png Luca Julie Maddalena
Himawari.png Himawari
Suzaku (IGPX).png Suzaku Michelle Ruff
Metoo.png Metoo Lex Lang
BT.png BT Wendee Lee
Hamgra.png Hamgra Jamieson Price
Timmer.png Timmer Michael McConnohie
Yammer.png Yammer Beau Billingslea
Dimmer.png Dimmer Steve Kramer
PA.png PA Julie Ann Taylor
Cunningham (IGPX).png Cunningham Steve Blum


Date(s) Channel Country
2003 Cartoon Network
United States United States

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