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Hyperdimension Neptunia (超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ The Animation) an anime based on the video game Hyperdimension Neptunia. It was produced by David Production of Japan and directed by Masahiro Mukai. The series consists of 13 episodes and aired on Tokyo MX between July 12, 2013 and September 27, 2013 with an additional episode released on March 26, 2014. The series was released in North America on Blu-Ray and DVD by FUNimation Entertainment on June 9, 2015.


In the world of Gamindustri, beings known as Goddesses rule over the four countries: Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee, and Leanbox. After having fought over Share energy for many years, the Goddesses signed a treaty which forbids each from taking Share energy from the other using forceful means.


Character Seiyū English Voice
Neptune/Purple Heart Rie Tanaka Melissa Fahn
Rom/White Sister Yui Ogura Carrie Keranen
Nepgear/Purple Sister Yui Horie Christine Marie Cabanos
Noire/Black Heart Asami Imai Erin Fitzgerald
Uni/Black Sister Eri Kitamura Sarah Anne Williams
Ram/White Sister Kaori Ishihara Shelby Lindley
Vert/Green Heart Rina Satō Tara Platt
Blanc/White Heart Kana Asumi Wendee Lee
Plutia/Iris Heart Kana Hanazawa Cherami Leigh
Peashy/Yellow Heart Aoi Yūki Tia Ballard
Compa Kanako Sakai Cristina Valenzuela
Arfoire Chiaki Takahashi Laura Post
Histoire Mika Kanai Stephanie Sheh
5pb. nao Caitlin Glass
Anonydeath Yuuki Fujiwara David Vincent
Trick Yōji Ueda Josh Grelle
IF Kana Ueda Megan Shipman
Dogoo Akeno Watanabe Bryn Apprill
Checkpoint Avatar Harumi Sakurai Lindsay Seidel
Linda the Underling Junko Minagawa Morgan Berry
Rei Kiseijyo Yū Kobayashi Morgan Garrett
Warechu Neeko Sara Ragsdale
Abnes Yui Shoji Stephanie Sheh
Mini Histy Mika Kanai
Setag Aya Endō Whitney Rodgers

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Distributor Year Format Content Region Country
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The Complete Series 1
United States United States
4 Discs

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