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Hubert & Takako is a French animated series produced by Xilam. Two English dubs for the show were produced, one produced by ID Audio in London, and another produced by SDI Media in Los Angeles. The SDI Media dub was available on Rovio Toons streaming service for a brief time in the mid-2010s.


Hubert, a sensitive, cultivated pig, buries his peasant roots and dreams of living the refined life of a big-city pig. But his friend Takako, a hyperactive, rebellious fly, keeps sabotaging his quest for excellence. She makes him ditch his embroidered bunny slippers and tone down his faux upper-class rant. But that’s what best friends are for!


Image Character Original Actor France Dub Actor
(ID Audio Dub) United Kingdom
Dub Actor
(SDI Media Dub)
United States
Hubert.jpg Hubert François-Xavier Demaison Wayne Forester Joe Ochman
Takako 2.jpg Takako Charlotte Le Bon Harriet Carmichael Marieve Herington
JenniferV1.jpg Jennifer Ariane Aggiage ¿? Erin Fitzgerald
NatV2.jpg Nat ¿?



  • In the SDI Media dub, Joe Ochman and Marieve Herington are credited under the pseudonyms BJ Oakie and Lindsay Torrance respectively.
  • In a test pilot for the series, Hubert was voiced by Tom Kenny and Takako was voiced by an unknown female voice actor.


Date(s) Channel Country
2015 Disney XD[1] Australia Australia


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