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How the Toys Saved Christmas (La freccia azzurra) is a 1996 Italian animated film directed by Enzo d'Alò, based on the book The Blue Arrow by Gianni Rodari.

The film was dubbed at CINAR's studios in 1997 and distributed by Miramax in the US. The English dub changes the film, which takes place at Epiphany in the original, to make it a Christmas movie. The Befana, the gift giver herself in the original film, is Santa's helper Granny Rose in the dub. A new musical soundtrack was also added.


Santa's helper Granny Rose is sick, and Christmas is coming near. A man named Mr. Grimm decides to take care of delivering the toys and plans to only give them to rich children. The toys don't like this and decide to deliver themselves to children who need them most.


Character Original Name Original Actor Dub Actor
Granny Rose La Befana Lella Costa Mary Tyler Moore
Mr. Grimm Scarafoni Dario Fo Tony Randall
Christopher Winter Francesco Alida Milana Michael Caloz
Jingles Spicciola Monica Bertolotti Sonja Ball
Chief Penna d'Argento Rino Bolognesi Terrence Scammell
Skipper Capitano Mezzabarba Vittorio Amandola Richard Dumont
Holly Carlotta Ilaria Latini Holly Gauthier-Frankel
Polly Barbara Maggie Castle
General Lajoie Generale Rodolfo Bianchi Rick Jones
Wizard Carlo Reali Gary Jewell
Pilot Marco Bresciani Thor Bishopric
Conductor Oliviero Dinelli Richard Dumont
Train Driver Christian Iansante Arthur Holden
Trainman ¿? ¿? Michael Rudder
Red Pencil Sergio Luzi Bruce Dinsmore
Green Pencil Pino Ammendola Terrence Scammell
Yellow Pencil Neri Marcorè Rick Jones
Swifty Lesto Fabio Boccanera Richard Dumont
Rocko Scarpa Roberto Pedicini Mark Camacho
Mr. Tinker Mastro Romualdo Nello Riviè Walter Massey
Mr. Potter Arturo Giorgio Borghetto Bruce Dinsmore
Statue Michele Kalamera Gary Jewell
Ticket Seller ¿? ¿? Joanna Noyes
Milford Carlo Alberto Davide Perino Jane Woods
Alfred Filippo Maria Alessio de Filippis Susan Glover
Maid ¿? ¿? Joanna Noyes
Rascal Nerone ¿? Mark Camacho
Chief of Police Pino Ferrara Walter Massey
Theodore ¿? ¿? Michael Rudder
Duck ¿? ¿? Rick Jones
Santa Claus Babbo Natale Renzo Stacchi Neil Shee

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Buena Vista Home Entertainment 1997 VHS.jpg NTSC United States United States
Miramax 2003 DVD.jpg 1
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Echo Bridge Entertainment 2012 1
United States United States
Lionsgate Home Entertainment 2014
Paramount Home Entertainment 2020

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